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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Birthday Celebration

Thank you ! Merci ! Gracias ! Grazi!  to all who have sent Happy Birthday Wishes.
It is almost worth being a year older !

It was a day visit and we packed a weekend of laughing, eating, hugging and kissing and more laughing into today.

The baby is walking .. talking in mostly adorable baby jabber with key words spoken perfectly. mama, dada and grbleblufaa ( that is baby for grandma) ..

Minette had a great time .. especially when someone got a present wrapped in tissue .. it made her day.

Dinner turned out well ...
Dessert was the center of attention though, my daughter in law brought a chocolate mousse cake with dark chocolate icing and only someone who loves me would have thought of it .. my love for chocolate is only surpassed by my love for my children.

And it is very close.

If there was race .

The present made me smile, how can I not smile .. a photo taken of my husband and I laughing together, in Buenos Aires, when nothing but happiness was forecast and there were no clouds on our horizon.
Joyful, carefree, happy smiles on our faces.  . no hint of sadness or loss to come. I will look at that photo whenever I am sad and remember that there were many happy times .. truly completely happy times.

The baby is walking ... learning words .. Minette understood him.
There was one moment, holding the baby as he stood in the big bay window and the kitten was next to him and the three of us were still ... which if you know toddlers and kittens, this doesn't happen often, let alone at the same time !
It was one of those moments where I could feel my heart just swelling with the love I have for them and how much I miss my husband .. it was a bit of a struggle there, grief and happiness battling it out.
In the end, the baby made me laugh, the cat let the baby pet her and we were all content.

It was , as Birthday Celebrations go ... perfection.
I wish my daughter had been here with my big grandson, it would have been complete perfection but that will happen ... sooner rather than later I think.


  1. Better late than never ... Happy Birthday, dear C~

    So happy that you enjoyed your day. Joy and sadness, that's what life is.

    Bisous. xxx

  2. Mym, you are not actually late, the birthday is on the 23rd / tomorrow.. They just visited and celebrated on Sat when they were able to come up here.
    Thank you very much .. amazing how good I feel for being 21 :)

  3. As a silent follower, I think your birthday is the perfect time for me to chime in with a big bouquet of birthday wishes!
    Spring IS coming...

  4. Delighted to learn that you had such a special early birthday treat with the baby and your family - the chocolate cake sounded delicious, hope you still have a little bit left to indulge yourself tomorrow. Happy Birthday for the 23rd ♡

  5. Sounds like a perfect day! Happy birthday to you!

  6. Thank you Rosemary .. every time I walk into the kitchen, that damn cake yells at me from the refrigerator .. I guess I will have to finish it off tonight, maybe at midnight so it will be officially my birthday.

    Thank you Leslie .. I am going to make my realtor friend go have drinks with me tomorrow .. I totally believe in celebrating birthdays for as long as possible and not thinking about how old I am.
    I have one more day before I am older.

  7. Beachmusic, it is probably going to happen.
    I am not seeing anything up here that is right for me .. one one hand it will be nice but on the other, I will miss my tiny boy who visits weekends. There is always Something, you know ?
    Will I come visit you ?

  8. I hope you will! St Pete is a happening place, AND...we have a wonderful patisserie complete with the correct accents! :)

  9. Well, if it has a patisserie, the decision will be much easier ! :)


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