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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Just the Way It Should Look

I was never that interested in Architecture until we went to Buenos Aires.
I loved the architecture of the buildings in London , they were part of what London was supposed to look like ! after years of reading and movies. That is the way London should look !

Paris was perfect. It looked just like it did in the movies.
French doors and windows and winding streets and stairs and balconies. It was Paris and looked just right.

Then we went to Buenos Aires ... well look at that !
Balconies, cobblestones, arched doorways and wait a minute ! the architect was French !

No wonder I liked Buenos Aires ... it was so French.
But it was also so Italian ! and Spanish ! the balconies , the customs, going home at lunchtime and having a wee nap before going back to work .. not in the US !

Porters who hold the elevator doors open for you, because the elevators are the old cage style from a long time ago.

Walk down the street to the park, all the doormen will say hello, some of them are polishing all the brass .. some are waiting to help the residents with their shopping bags, and a few would pet the dog and shake his hand.
(paw ... I was always corrected by my husband ... honey, he doesn't have hands ) ..
You wanna shake paws with me ? Just doesn't have the right sound to it.

I am starting my new search for a new home.
I will move but not quite sure where .. there are options which is always a good thing.
But sooo many choices .. so many ideas ... I am not sure of anything , how can I make a good decision, alone .. I have to do what is right for Minette !!

It is 5:00 ... I think I will have a cup of tea and think about dinner.
If I were in Buenos Aires, I would just call and have it delivered.
They don't even deliver pizza where I live .. sigh ...


  1. Every photo of yours from BA shows what fabulous architecture it has. Makes me want to go there.

    The best birthday present is family and friends. Glad you were able to soak up the love even if the visit was brief. A brief perfect visit that leaves you wanting more is often better, in my mind.

    Okay, here are some suggestions for Pretty Towns USA. (I can't vouch for quality of life or climate, just architecture and trees.) Edenton NC; Fairfax AL; Carmel CA; Thomasville GA.

    We're going to Edenton next month for the house tour, so if you want me to scout out properties then I can do that.

    But if East Customs House is for sale you will have to elbow me out of the way to get it.

  2. Thank you Carolyn, I grew up in North Carolina and something in me says No don't go back !
    I don't want to leave NY, I wouldn't mind a charming little house in Florida and I would rather live in Buenos Aires but I will just see what fate has in store for me.
    You know the old adage...
    You plan and you plan then Life happens.


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