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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Best Laid Plans ...

My Birthday weekend has turned into my Birthday day.
Or half-day... by the time they get here and leave early to get home to put the baby to bed..

Oh well, what do they say ? The best laid plans of mice and men ....
This mouse and her kitten are going to make the best of it, soak in as much of that baby boy as possible, appreciate how wonderful his mama is , enjoy the son and be glad at least I had company for a few hours.

When everything is quiet again and settled down, my plans for moving, once the house is sold, will begin in earnest.

I have ideas ... see my eyebrow wiggle when I saw that .... I have ideas. Ideas about places to live.. the kind of ideas that are new, places not thought of before, thoughts that remind me that I have no one and nothing to really hold me down to one place .. Florida is the one idea .. but let me consider others before a final decision is made.

With all this snow, no one is looking at this house anyway- so I seem to have time to consider all my options.

Apparently I have to stay in the United States ... sigh ... but we will see what ideas pop up.

If anyone has a dream place to go live ... tell me about it.
If anyone is in a dream place to live, tell me about it.
If anyone is afraid of me being your new neighbor .... don't tell me about it.

The little family is delayed by snow .. on the way now- I have hours to muddle around .. I could have slept late :(

You know, with all the friends I have who live in Other Places, Minette and I could spend years just wandering the Globe, being Guests !

Hmmmm, gotta give that some thought too.

Have a happy day ..

so many places to see and visit .....


  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. First off: Happy Birthday to you!!

    Dream places to live in the US:
    Charlotte, Sedona, AZ; Puerto Rico,
    Austin, TX

    Outside the US: Prague, Vienna, Sydney, Auckland, Mendoza, St. Croix

    Love to dream about this!
    Have you watched House Hunters International? Great ideas there!

  3. Happy Birthday Candice♥️
    Enjoy your company....
    Hugs to your Grandson....
    How old is he now?
    Linda :o)

  4. One of the smaller California cities- Santa Barbara.?
    Oakland? You will get good climate plus city access to facilities as you age

  5. Happy Birthday Candice and Minette!
    What a shame your family can't stay longer, but how wonderful that they can make it at all.
    Sounds like you are busy plotting and planning your future. Great!
    I have been to a few places in the US where I felt I could happily settle. My current favourite is Nevada City in California, but there are others.
    Maybe you should take Minette on a road trip and see where you end up?
    You can always bring her here if you turn into an international nomad.
    Happy birthday again,

  6. Austin,Texas if you like hot weather and no snow and ice.

  7. Happy, happy birthday dear Candice.


  8. Happy Birthday Candice! Family made it perfect, I know! :) those times are the best.

  9. PS...I would LOVE it if you came to FL!


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