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Friday, March 20, 2015

Music & Memories

I grew up in North Carolina.
I wasn't allowed to date until after I was 16 ,but Boys were allowed to come to my house and "hang out".
Of course, this just made me go to my girlfriends houses on weekends because They could date ... and I would go out with my boyfriends.
North Carolina wasn't famous for having much to do for young people at night.
Drive In movies were nice in summer.
We would line our cars up next to other friends, car hopping, boy / girl flirting , some older kids had alcohol ... not me ..
I tried it once. got sick as a dawg.
Went home, boy gave me a mint and pointed me in the direction of my front door and said 'Don't stop when you get inside, don't let them look at you '.
So of course, my Daddy opened the door for me and stopped me, looked at me then walked out to the car. . just as they were pulling away ... they escaped.
I didn't.
He was much better about it than I expected and looking back, he was much better than I would have been.
My daughter came in drunk once. I thought she had the flu.
Yes, apparently I  was The Clueless Mom.
But my husband knew .. oh yeah, he knew.

Does music bring back a lot of memories for you ?
Do you just have to hear part of the song, or even as I did, the singer ... and you flashback to those days, when you heard that singer or song for the first time ... or just loved them like I loved ole Roy.

There were a few bands and singers that I loved in those days ..
I should go to an Oldies station on the radio and drive around singing along with them, at the top of my lungs.
Bring out the North Carolina teenager in me ..
Yes, I think I will. As soon as the snow which began a couple of hours ago, stops ... again ..

PostScript .... all these years later, I have made friends with someone online , a lady.
She is ridiculously smart and kind and just everything most people wish they were .. or at least I do.
And son of a gun, she lives in North Carolina ..
I bet after talking to her for 5 minutes, I would start sounding like her . Bless her heart ~

Have a good safe weekend, ya'll ... My little family will be here tomorrow so no blogging til Monday.


  1. It's Laurie again from Chile. I just thought I'd check in and say hello. I hope you and. Minute have a lovely weekend and thank you for the lamb story.

  2. That was Minette before apple autocorrect weighed in....

  3. LOl Hi Laurie !! We are fine .. and she is as my grandmother would say, No bigger than a minute, so it worked anyway .. Minette/Minute ..
    I have high hopes for the weekend, my little family is coming to celebrate my birthday with me .. and Minute lol

  4. Happy Birthday. How wonderful your family will be there with you.

  5. Thank you Orangetravelcat !!
    Yes, party time out in the countryside lol ... besos.

  6. Sending huge wishes for a fabulous, fun Birthday with the family. Hope they let Minette join in - and I'm sure she won't eat too much of your cake, cats are kind like that.

    Loved the story of your teens in NC - sadly almost all the drive-ins are gone now - but the countryside is still lovely and there are still front porches to rock on. We didn't drink much in England when I was a teen - hardly any kids had cars, or money, and we had to ride home on the last bus from town so had to be sober because lots of people's parents were seated right next to us!! It was a completely different time - must sound pretty lame to today's teens but to me it was perfect and life was wonderful!

    Love and hugs - many happy returns Candice - enjoy the music, and blow out all the candles with a wish that's special for you.
    Mary X

  7. Mary, it sounds like an enchanted time and too bad it has changed. Maybe lame to a typical teen but not to the rest of us :)
    The weekends plans were changed, it will only be a visit for the day .. Minette and I will celebrate tomorrow .. I might let her blow out the candle.
    I will start planning my future plans today, I think it is time.


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