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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Save Myriah

The judge is scheduled to decide 2 p.m. Wednesday whether the 3-year-old dog named Myriah should be euthanized, returned to her owner on a confinement order or transferred to another facility from the Humane Society location where she has been held since November. 
Myriah was in court Monday with her owner George Boynton. 
Boynton, 61, answered to civil charges filed against him after complaints by his neighbor who said Myriah “aggressively attacked” his small 13-year-old Beagle-mix Lila in three separate incidents last fall.. Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Liberman told ABC News today, declining to release the name of Boyntons neighbor. 
Myriah, who wasn't on a leash and not heeding the commands made by Boyntons brother, who was walking her, bit Lila, who was on a leash, in two of the incidents.
Liberman said, though Boynton's lawyer, Randy Robinson, told ABC News Boynton believes Myriah was just playing with Lila.

The Judge threw it out and sent Myriah home with her owner.


  1. That beauty of a dog needs to be loved and cared for by a "RESPONSIBLE" owner who abides by leash laws... I hope the Judge makes a wonderful decision to put her in a loving foster family or back to her owner with strict instructions about leash laws and maybe muzzle her when walking....

  2. I know, me too .. I will watch and see what I can find about it this afternoon. She can come live with me .. and you :)

  3. How unfortunate that it's always the dog that is made to suffer for the ignorance and irresponsibility of the humans. Agreed that I hope the judge makes a humane decision and issues strong orders about leash laws and perhaps another home.

  4. She was freed to go home with her owner and the judge was angry that they even did this . Yay !!

  5. Apparently, what was called aggression was what most of us would call a big dog barking at a small dog.
    Most of us also know that big dogs can be scary when they are actually gentle and good and small dogs can be very aggressive but look small and innocent.
    She is a big dog.
    She was evaluated and released because she is a big dog, not an aggressive dog .
    She was evaluated , released as non aggressive . end of story :)


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