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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Can it be true ? Spring ?

It's true ! Spring is coming, Winter is ending !!
I thought , as I looked out over the white landscape, snow that was still too deep for me to walk in ... that this is it .. this is my life .. eternal snow and cold and feeding birds .

At least the birds like me.

Then today the snow was significantly less .. the steps on the dining room "porch " were clear for the first time in months . . the bird seed is gone .. but there are more birds.
I can hear them now .. what a lovely sound ..

I walked out to the mailbox for the first time on a completely clear driveway .. not one drop of snow or ice on it.

But the biggest sign of all .. was one that Minette found .. the chipmunks are back. Her chipmunk is back. She sits on the window seat in the living room, frozen, a tiny still life of a blue kitten .. staring .
And out on the ledge along the house beside the window, sits a tiny chipmunk .. still, staring.
They are SO glad to see each other.

She is walking around the house muttering now .. she knows it is nap time.

I have been staring at the phone, willing it to ring, be the realtor , that couple that liked the house, they want to come back or they want to buy it or something !!

Two people have voiced interest and admiration .. ok .. so ?

I look at houses in Florida.
I looked at apartments but decided against it. I don't do well with neighbors anymore.
Living in the North Woods alone has made me appreciate Not hearing doors slamming, people yelling , dogs barking, cooking smells that are not coming from my kitchen .. bugs.

So while I will look for a small house, I might consider a townhome but really want I want is a tiny little house for the kitten and I and a dog.
Now is that asking for much ?
I didn't think so ..

So just someone, buy this house.
Let me get on with my life.
There is a puppy waiting out there for Minette and I to adopt it and spoil it rotten.

And warm weather. All . Year. Round.

Minette just came in here ... went into her igloo. Went to sleep. I think I might try that myself .. no silly, the nap, not the igloo.
Speaking of green ... when my husband and I would take the dog for a walk and a run in the park,
this is the staircase back up to where our home was ...
Yes, I am still homesick for Buenos Aires.


  1. Have you considered living IN a small town not far from the little person in your life that you love so much.

    I cannot bear to think of moving far from the two small people in my life. They enrich my life beyond measure and I am so happy to be a weekly part of their life.

    Life IN a town vs. IN the country...each have their benefits, but living in town, even if it snows you can still get around, get out, do things. This past winter in the Northeast has been the worst I have seen in 46 years, but IN town, everyone seems to be coping much better than we are here in the country.

    I know if I were alone, I couldn't possibly stay here, and think you have done amazingly; much better than I would have. But I think I could survive in the town, where I could get a taxi if I needed to.

    Warm weather year round has its appeal, I admit....but the warmth of little ones cannot be replicated.

    Just thinking out loud...
    LmC in Canada

  2. Of course I have and I actually do .. One of my children lives in NYC with the baby and the other lives in Florida with a child.
    Where I live is a drive to NYC.
    But as you know, snow has stopped us all from doing much traveling.
    I don't know you, I guess, but try not to assume that I would rather have good weather rather than be near my grandbabies. Sometimes life makes things difficult in ways you never thought could happen.

  3. Have you thought about renting first? It would be much easier to move if you didn't like it.

    I wish you well. I hope you find your "spot" and are happy with your choice.


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