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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I want a dog

I know it is a commercial but I don't care.



  1. Dogs are the best! Kitties are great too.

  2. Great commercial, isn't it?

  3. Awwwwww ….. if you don't want a dog after that then there's something wrong !!!! XXXX

  4. Just looking at the commercial, I wanted every one of those dogs. The Golden Retriever was funny, the pug and the bulldogs , the Border Collie .. how can you choose ! ?
    I think a smallish dog that doesn't need grooming would be good. ( Pup was a large Standard Poodle)
    I just have to get myself settled and Minette and I will go find ourselves a puppy :)

  5. That's a great video, much better than the usual realtor ad. We want a dog again so badly too, but it will be a while before we can have another. In the meantime I keep watching this video (a new puppy's first day) and wishing we were in that family...

  6. Oh that dear sweet puppy in that video ! Thank you so much :)
    I was so glad that the family was perfect, they did everything they should have ..

  7. As Jackie said, awwwww. . .

    Brilliant ad, it says it all doesn't it?

    Look at it this way, Candice, you have something wonderful to look forward to as you move into spring and, I hope for you, your new home with Minette and your dog.

    Thank you for your lovely, lovely comments.

    My husband has never said an unkind word to me, even when I drive him to distraction.

  8. Merci, Tish ... someday I will drive everyone crazy with my proud mama photos of the kitten and the puppy .. I will be that mad woman down the street with grandbabies and dogs and cats and flowers.
    I can't wait :)


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