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Friday, March 6, 2015


I have nothing to talk about and nothing is planned.
So I look at photos of dogs.
Minette and I got tired of looking at houses for sale.
Too much snow here, nothing happening with the house for sale.

We are also considering a huge change ... as in North & South etc.
But I have nothing to say about it yet .. it is a Thought now.. maybe later it will be a Plan.



  1. Having lived in New York growing up, and in Chicago for almost 10 years, you'd think I'd be used to snow and cold. But being used to something doesn't mean you actually LIKE it, does it? The last six years have been spent in The Netherlands, the land of gray and rain, and now in northern Florida, where we get some cold, but nothing like up north...I have to say, I can handle rain, but don't miss snow and ice and sleet at all...

    So while Florida is just a bit too warm for me in the summers -which, honestly, begin around April and last until November - I'm thinking I'm no longer interested in dealing with such extreme weather anymore. 60 - 70 degrees year round, with minor dips and warmer periods, is starting to sound awfully good! Now to find such a place, which is also not too too far from family and friends. This is the challenge...hope you get some warmth soon, dear friend!

  2. Thank you Vivian, I feel exactly the same way.
    Jacksonville Fl has a winter which made it appealing, it is just a bit boring . But I will probably adjust, after living in cities like NY and Buenos Aires, most places can be a bit boring :)
    I would just love for this to be my last winter up here in the land of ice and snow.
    I put seed in the bird feeders, the snow was up to my knees, I was terrified.

  3. I truly love this photograph. in my mind, I see balloon thoughts coming from the baby and the dog that say "wtf is this weird thing?" Just made me so happy. Thank you. Be happy--life is short and tomorrow is promised to no you well know. xo

  4. It is hard to get the weather right. I live in California and right now it is glorious...but, we are in the midst of a severe drought and in the summer it is very hot and dry, at least where I am located. It is also an extremely expensive place to live. If I were to change states I would move to the Pacific Northwest, a wonderful place for a gardener to live...I don't think I would even mind the rain!

  5. angiemanzi, exactly !! lol each one is wondering what is this curious creature ? I think I like it.

    La Vie Q ... I was a California girl, had a house in Hollywood Hills :) came to NYC and met my husband the first week I was here .. and the rest is history :)
    I considered Portland but it might be different alone and I might not like that. We were there for a year and a half I think .. it was fabulous until it started to rain lol
    Going somewhere that I was happy with my husband might not mean I will be happy alone :(
    That could happen with BA too if I were to go back there ... which I have no plans to do at this time.
    Vivian, I was sent some photos of apts in Fl .. very nice. I am interested in the West Coast.

  6. Have you ever considered Sedona AZ?

  7. Anony, no . I was born in Tucson :)

  8. A blogger I follow just moved to northern AZ. It looks beautiful there, 4 seasons and they look pretty mild. I hope you find the perfect place!

  9. The west coast of Florida is beautiful. And no snow!
    Sarasota has interesting activities, too. I think you said your daughter lives in Florida.

    Wouldn't it be fun to spend winters in Florida and summers in New York State- the best of both worlds!

  10. I can't imagine trying to choose somewhere to live in the USA if I had free choice of where to go.
    Good luck with it. Take your time deciding and I am sure you will end up somewhere you can be happy.
    If I were to move to California, it would be to somewhere like Nevada City, so I still got seasons, just not extreme ones, they are suffering from the drought there too though.
    We loved the PNW and felt very at home there, especially in Olympia, which will bring snorts of derision no doubt from those who really know the place.
    But then again we liked Northern New Mexico too. All hypothetical for this resident of grey and rain of course.
    A dog walking friend has a Labradoodle that looks just like the dog in the picture.

  11. Heti, the choice is too big and cumbersome with too many complications :(
    If it was just me .. with Minette , that is one thing but there is the little family here, the other little family in the South and then there is my wish to live somewhere like Paris or Buenos Aires or back in California .. I like to travel and explore but I don't think it would be so much fun alone.
    And I don't want to be treated like an old woman who needs someone to watch over her in case she falls down and can't get up (rolling eyes)...
    I might have to just pack up Minette and run away.


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