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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Endless Winter


I can't remember when there was no snow on the ground. I don't remember which month it was when it started ... it seems like I should be trying to remember what year it was when there was no snow on the ground !
I fell asleep to the sound of sleet hitting the windows.
I woke to the sound of snow blowers and more snow, a lot of ice and fire sirens.

I am seriously considering living in a place that has no need for snow blowers ..


  1. Move to Portland, Oregon, and we could be neighbors. No snow here! Well, maybe once in a blue moon. A couple of inches that turn to slush right away! :)

    I hope winter ends for you soon! It really HAS been so unfair to you and all my East Coast friends!

  2. Mary, we lived in Portland for a year and a half, before moving to Buenos Aires. We loved it, my husband was not thrilled with the rain but it was better than snow.
    I shouldn't whine so much, there are people who are truly suffering in this weather.

    But it sure makes moving to Florida a nice option.


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