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Monday, March 16, 2015

In the Closet

While the Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies bake, I am looking at House Related articles in online magazines.
 I get Lonny Magazine and there is almost always something interesting that I will use or remember for decorating or keeping drawers neat etc. Lots of helpful hints and ideas.

At this time,   I am looking at small historic homes in Florida .. my next home.
There are many in a charming neighborhood that I have my eye on.

While I wait to sell this house , and for the snow to melt ... again ... I am baking cookies and looking for house ideas.
This will sadly be the very first house I have ever bought alone and decorated with only myself to please.
Funnily  enough, there is no joy in that.

I remember when my decorating a house with a man that had his own ideas .. was always a compromise on this and that and mostly a joint effort that we both enjoyed.
He had exceptional taste and he was a grown up .. he gave in gracefully if I insisted on anything being My way ...

So the big thing here in this house is the fact that the master bedroom was an add on .. yes, the entire end of the house  ( a long ranch style) is a small room ( this one ) which can be a den or guest room and then my bedroom .. which is massive. It has one wall of closets, a door that leads outside to a private patio (back of house) and 3 massive windows .. oh and a full bath.
The closets are so big that all of his clothes and mine went into one each .. mine has shelves on one side that hold a collection of handbags and family photos ..and more shoes.

Now I am  looking at houses that have sometimes one bath , somethings a bath and a half.
Everything seems to be half the size of this house.
Which is fine, since there are half as many people.

Look at this

If I get a 3 bedroom house , I can make the room next to the master bedroom, my closet.
How fabulous is that ?

I am thinking regular furniture, dressers etc and shelves .. more open ...
Oooooooh ~

What do you think ?
What is your dream closet ?


  1. I've been reading your blog since learning about it on the Fodor's lounge, where I often lurk and rarely post (as Vonse). I'm so touched by your writing that lurking doesn't seem right anymore. Also, I just love this closet idea! I know you're suffering profoundly the loss of your husband but this post proves your capacity for joy.

  2. Oh Leslie, what a wonderful kind thing to say !
    Thank you so very much .

  3. What a wonderful closet. Will you also get a Chanel bag to go with it? ;-)

    I don't know where in Florida you're thinking of, but Mt. Dora is a congenial place with plenty of nice cafes and small stores with friendly owners and staff. It has a pretty historic area with some charming small homes.

  4. Funny you should mention that Anony .. I think I have the right bag ..
    My daughter has mentioned Mt Dora in the past, I have no idea where it is, I will do some research today, thank you !

  5. My niece just moved into a new (tiny) home and she transformed a small bedroom into her own personal closet - she painted all walls a wonderful, happy, soft pink. The colour is incredibly flattering, and makes her happy. The room is so lovely, everything in its place, a pretty vintage dressing table where she puts on her makeup, a lovely chandelier, shoes galore all lined up and colour-blocked. What a happy place!! When I visited, I was reluctanct to leave this space because it was so individual and filled with lovely, feminine things. I would love to do this if I had the opportunity.


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