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Sunday, January 25, 2015

I will be fine

Blizzard Watch

953 AM EST SUN JAN 25 2015


I don't know how to feel about this. 
On one hand I got a slight feeling of panic , worry , nervousness.
On the other, I am looking out the window at bright sunshine and  blue  skies, it is windy and there is snow on the ground, from the last snow we had.

So a Blizzard means ... what exactly?  .. it will be more windy ? we will get more snow ?
Last year we had something like 5 -7 snowstorms , one after the other ... constant snow.
When it stopped for a minute, people would run out and dig out their walks and driveways then rush back inside for the next few days or wind, snow, cold.

I have groceries, I have company ( well, as much company as a tiny kitten can provide  - which is surprisingly a lot )... I have plenty of candles and blankets. and a flashlight.

But truthfully, it is all getting to be tiresome .. a bit much already.
If my husband was here, we would just shrug our shoulders and know that we would snuggle in and read and listen to music and be content.
I was never afraid of anything when he was here with me.
I was fearless. I had him .. 

But now .. after last years non stop snow .. I feel sort of like, Ho Hum, more snow .. how boring, how long is winter again ??

Oh , and you people out there that are called Snowbirds .... I totally get it.

I think I will make some pasta and soup this afternoon and put it in the fridge .. you know, for Just In Case.
I have peanut butter and Nutella .. I will be fine.


Mary said...

I'm glad you have Minette to keep you company! I totally get the snowbird thing too. Somehow, when I was a child, snow didn't bother me. I loved it. Sometimes it meant no-school days, building snow forts with little friends. Sometimes ice skating and hot chocolate and cookies after. But now, at 51, I really don't like snow at all. Good thing husband and I live in Oregon, I guess. Very (very) little snow in winter, (but you know this, :) ) and lots of rain and grey skies. But we can go places when it rains!

Soup sounds so warm and comforting. Big hug, Candice!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Minette made a world of difference in my life since I got her. She just won't help shovel snow. I grew up in the South, no snow. I was thrilled when I first came to NY .. now ...not so much :) Oregon was wonderful. We looked down from our highrise at Whole Foods where we could walk through a passage from our building to theirs without going outside. And here I am :(

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