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Monday, January 26, 2015

8 to 14 inches of Snow

Minette just yawned when I told her.
I left her on the bed , having her morning nap   .. after  being so  busy  catching lint on the blanket. I went on a mad dash run for more water and food at the Supermarket.
It occurred to me this morning that while I have food in the house, I don't know how long it will take to get dug out, even after the snow ends.

Yes, I admit it, the people on the radio made me panic.

So I dashed to the supermarket that was bustling with other people who woke up and thought my exact same thoughts .
They were all in a very jolly mood.
I love the people up here .. good kind and friendly .. and most have a great sense of humor.
Or at least they pretend to think my bad quips are funny.

It is a pain in the neck to have a blizzard while trying to sell ones house.

It is annoying that the people that did my driveway last year didn't come by this year.

It is kind of sad as it was last year, to be snowed in, alone and wishing someone special was still here with me ...
Nothing scared me or worried me.. I  knew he would take care of everything.
Now that is the way Minette feels, I guess ...

So to quote the man on the radio

This could be a Whopper of a Storm.

Oy !

If you don't hear from me, I lost power/internet/went back to Argentina.


  1. Thinking about you during this storm. Stay safe and warm. Sending warming thoughts your way from FL....not that it's that warm here right now either, but it's all relative. OO

  2. Thank you ! I am buried in snow. The kitten watches the birds eating the food I throw out .. she is getting bored. I am getting bored. I start looking at real estate in other countries .. not good :)


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