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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Brilliant, just Brilliant

  Why Finnish Babys Sleep In Cardboard Boxes

This is just brilliant. So thoughtful and sensible and just brilliant.


  1. That is indeed wonderful! I wish we could adopt that custom here in the US. But what are the chances? .....

  2. I love everything about this Finnish custom! The BBC article makes a wonderful read - thanks so much!
    …..and did you see the sidebar note about babies taking outdoor naps in frigid temps to ward off germs!!!!?

    Mary x

  3. Hello Candice,

    This is most intriguing, especially how the contents of the box have changed over the years. So interesting how the thinking of the times have altered what is included and what is left out. The box makes quite a powerful social commentary.

    So clever, the Finns!


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