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Thursday, January 22, 2015

When I found Minette.


Katrine was understanding and kind and so very sweet to me when I walked in to Animalkind the first time. I was in my early days of grief after losing my husband and longed to have some small pet to cuddle and hold and to make me feel that I was not really the only person left on the planet.
The cold and very lonely planet.
The first time I visited, I walked in, looked around and left ... weeping.
It was too early yet.

A month or so later , I tried again .. the place was beautiful .. it is a very old Victorian house but the entire ground floor has been renovated into floor to ceiling glass "rooms '' for cats only.
They see everything and they are safe .. we see them and enjoy that.

Before I knew it ... this tiny little blue kitten came walking out of one of the glass rooms and walked up to me. That was It.
Everyone was smiling and someone said that I had been chosen.
I certainly was lucky that day.

It has been almost a year now... Minette is about a year old now... Life changed in so many ways so suddenly and while part of it was horrible, the part with Minette is wonderful.

And every day I tell her how much her Daddy would have loved and spoiled her.
That she was exactly the kind of cat that he wanted to get and that he always admired.
She likes it when I tell her that story before she goes to bed.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these stories. :)

  2. It's amazing how they can make such a positive difference in our lives. Minette is such a cutie <3

  3. I love how Minette chose YOU Candice - on that special day already almost a year ago! She has helped you move along and although life will never be the same without your wonderful man, she is the blessing you needed to help you carry on and obviously a sign from him I'm sure.
    Hope things are progressing with your endeavors regarding a new home - and pray you're not buried in snow again this weekend!
    Warm hugs - Mary

  4. Oh Mary, thank you so much. We are being snowed in at the moment but the plows are keeping up with it .. Minette and I agreed it is best to stay home and bake cookies. besos.


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