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Thursday, October 9, 2014

What else can you do ... throw the ball

Minette thinks she is a dog.
She plays with a little ball with a bell inside. Then she brings it to me and drops it at my feet, so I will throw it for her.
I just threw it. She made a few odd sounds .. she talks a lot ! and then she trotted after the ball.
If I don't pay attention to her, she kicks the ball, throws the ball, punts it into the bedroom or living room and makes odd not quite howling sounds.
She is an odd little thing.
I am so crazy about her.

She bites.
I was holding her in my arms. She bit my arm and made a neat little hole in me.
I said Ow !! Don't Do That !!
She reached up to my face with her little paw and patted me.
Then she washed my arm.

I don't know about you but in my book, she said I'm sorry Mama.

She has finally graduated from sleeping in her crate ( a small dog kennel) at night to sleeping on my bathrobe at the foot of the bed.
The bed is plenty big enough .. we don't bother each other. I am hoping she will start sleeping past 6 am though. My days are long enough.
The bedroom in Buenos Aires  .... I loved that room. I slept like a baby ..

I have had a rough week. A beloved member of my family -in- law, died suddenly.
One of those sorts of people that you stop and think ... did I ever see him Not smiling ?
did he ever say a harsh word to anyone ? did he know how much he was loved ?
I think he knew ..

A little too much sadness and loss these days .

I am thinking about taking Minette and going somewhere .. I have no further ideas than that.
If I could go back in Time .. I would be packing right now.

But instead, I have to go throw the ball for Minette some more.
She is tiny but she can really be a big nag ... maaama ... maaaaa maaaaa.. throw the baaall.
nag nag nag...


  1. Be on guard! There is a chance Minette may be planning to advance, inch by inch, night after night, until she is lying tucked under the covers with her head on the pillow!

  2. Sorry for your loss, my dear. I'm so glad you have Minette to keep you company.


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