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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Weekend

The Weekend:
My weekends seem to go in Stages:
Pre-weekend ....  Plan meals.  Think of something that I have not made yet, something that was made before and got rave reviews, consider the easiest fastest meals that allow more playtime with baby.

Shop for food. Forget list, think of things as I go, totally change menu.

Pre-cook whatever is possible. Baking is good and always appreciated . Hope no one minds a bit of sugar ...I live on sugar and I am doing well so far.
and caffeine .. 
and chocolate.

Shop for food. Pre-cook whatever is possible.... less time in the kitchen is more time playing with the baby.
Clean house.

Think of something that might be fun to do besides cook and wait tables ... there must be some event up here that will appeal to all. This is hit or miss so far.
I am appreciative and content to just stay home with them, it is a completely different experience from my usual staying home ... alone.
Minette is thrilled, she is sick of me.

Shopping for food is always fun, I go to places I really like, farm stands etc and the people that run them and work there are especially nice.
 I get to talk to someone other than Minette so I am happy.
And I am eating more healthy than I think I ever have in my life.
I don't eat meat ... I quit eating chicken ... now except for salmon once in a while, I am a Vegetarian !
It just evolved and I find it easy and there is nothing I crave.
( chocolate doesn't count)

My husband would love it ... he was a vegetarian when I met him.
Then he started eating fish with me, I quit eating red meat when I was pregnant with the Boy.
So I have not eaten red meat in 30 + years.
My husband was healthy ... his cause of death was not illness .. I might call it death by doctor.
But he was always healthy and claimed it was because of his diet.
He might have been right.

So the trees are changing colors and the geese fly over honking and the Cattle up the hill are looking more shaggy than ever.
The llamas and sheep are looking wooly too ..

The farms are all mowing their fields and bringing in the hay.
I think of winter and snow and figure that I lived through the last one, I will know what to expect and how to manage if it happens again.
( Continental Airlines non-stop - Florida or Argentina ...  )

I am going to get my warm sweater on and a pair of boots and go rake leaves.
It is better than taking a walk ... good for the heart and you have nice results to look at after ...

The chipmunks are all my best friends forever ... I took a small bag of peanuts in the shells that was in the cupboard and tossed them out in the back yard ... just call me Lady Bountiful. or Our Lady of the Chipmunks ... or The Nut Lady ..


  1. I've recently begun a vegetarian diet too. :). And you're right. Chocolate has nothing to do with it. And the dark chocolate, especially, is healthy. I enjoy cooking too. It can be very meditative, and it helps me focus when I get a little down during our rainy Oregon winters.

    1. Mary, Chocolate is actually good for you. Never give it up ! :) I have been eating a lot of couscous with fresh veggies, it is so easy and it is good for you.. and my new favorite is brie on any kind of toast with a slice of tomato. Simple and tasty.
      When we lived in Portland, I ate a lot of soup lol


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