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Monday, October 6, 2014

I Miss It

This is Avenida Libertador.
This was 2 blocks from my front door.
What you don't see in the photo is the miles of parks on either side. And the huge pink Musuem on the right, the Belle Artes.
The lake built just for little children and their fathers to sail boats on.
The babies playground which is fenced in and has very small , new and improved swings and equipment and plenty of benches for nannies and moms and dads.
There was no dog park, there should have been but maybe that will come along eventually. The dogs could use their own park .. instead, lazy dog walkers would take a dozen or so dogs to the park, tie them to a tree or fence then go drink mate with a friend , smoke something and take a nap. While the dogs sat/lay around the tree, waiting to be walked.
Sometimes they barked .. non-stop. There were days that the contest was who was loudest and most annoying, the dogs tied to a tree or the taxis honking at everyone on the road.
But most days, it was peaceful ... or as I learned, the peaceful you expect in Buenos Aires.
I miss it.

Those tall buildings are apartments, then you are in Palermo Botanico. Where the Japanese Gardens are .. the Botanical Gardens .. a lovely place to live and spend time. I miss it.

If I went back, and could find nothing in Recoleta, my old neighborhood, I would not mind, at all, living in Palermo Botanico. To stroll to a cafe, have a coffee, wander through the Botanical Gardens .. or have tea in the afternoon in the Japanese Gardens, perhaps bringing home a plant from their little garden shop. I did that when we lived there ... the plant now resides in the garden of our apartment building. I wonder if it misses me.

There were Museums all along the Avenue .. my favorite was the Belles Artes but there was the Glace .. which used to be an ice skating rink ... a large white , round building, that has new exhibits all the time and is very interesting . You walk around the ground floor, up the stairs to the top where you walk around and in the middle you can look down, to the ground floor .. I miss it.

At the end of our street, 2 blocks from our door, is the Recoleta Cultural Center and the parks.
We were there pretty much every day, whether it was to walk Pup or to go to the museum or Cultural Center or to shop or to eat ... there is the  Hard Rock Cafe and shops and places to just look out over the parks and take photos and soak in the atmosphere ..
It was a short cut to the other side of the park and a good spot for people watching, lunching, sitting on a bench and talking ...
We were married for about 100 years and we still had so much to say to each other .. we were always interested in what the other had to say .. he always made me laugh, I always tried to make him laugh .. we went well together.

And we went well with Buenos Aires. I miss it.


  1. I've been a lurker for a while now, but I've appreciated all your comments about your expat life, your long and (clearly) happy marriage, and your new life with your kitty. I especially cherish your musings about how close you were with your husband, since I feel the same about mine, and I'm not sure how I would cope if he were no longer with me...

    Just to say, thank you for writing, and sharing your thoughts and feelings with your readers. Even if some of us (guilty!) don't comment often, your posts reaffirm your love of life, and allow us to relive some of your happiest memories. I wish you well, always.

  2. Oh Vivian, how kind you are and how much I appreciate what you have said. Thank you so much .. thank you for lurking too :)

  3. Your love for it is apparent in the way you write of it. :-)




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