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Monday, October 13, 2014

Make a Difference

Feeling like you made a difference:
I read an article about a young girl who was raped.
She was going to be publicly flogged for "fornication" ..  She was 15 years old !!
She was raped.
This is in the Maldives.
Somewhere I would think twice about ever visiting .
Thanks to a huge campaign to stop this from happening, people from across the world signed a petition, spoke to top Islamist scholars  and thankfully ,  she was spared.
But only she was spared, the law is the same, they  will flog a female who is raped..
It took a lot of work, persuasion and money to do this ... and millions of signatures , two million to be exact , 2 million signatures to stop this dreadful wrongful punishment.

Now we have to end it ... save and protect all the women, young and old.

AVAAZ ... read about them. See what a difference they are making .

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