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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shopping to Tango Music

You know what the big bummer is about living out in the countryside ?
Of New York ..
Well, let me say it diplomatically , nothing really is a bummer about living here. But ..

I have been living in a huge city that was full of beautiful people. They love fashion and style and it shows. Everyone looked good. They dress well, they all seem to have fabulous hair and good haircuts.
They are in a country known for good leather so you can imagine the delight of shopping for shoes and handbags in Buenos Aires.

I made sure, pretty much the day I arrived, to make a good stab at shopping and being in every handbag and shoe shop there is ... at least in Recoleta, Palermo and Palermo Soho.

I now have to have closets that can house many handbags and many shoes and boots.

Of course, today I was thinking, it is getting cold.. I need boots.
I have  my furry Ugg boots but only wear them in the house.
But I need winter boots and snow boots and maybe a pair or two of pretty boots ..

I think the handbag section is ok but you never know, I might see something that will be perfect for a winter day in Upstate New York.

What I would really like to do is take my shopping dollars and buy tickets for Minette and I to spend Summer in Buenos Aires and come back here in the Spring.
But for some reason, the little family here doesn't love that idea.
I have to see what I can do ... Shopping to Tango Music.. what could be wrong with that ?

Rita Ora Givenchy Bambi Skate Sneakers


  1. I don't blame you for wanting to be away for the cold winter - hopefully it will be a better one than last year!
    Getting my boots out today - raining and much, much cooler at last.
    I need one new bag for winter - must go searching soon.

    Yes, the spam is getting bad lately - much more than before. I moderate all comments before publishing.

    Hugs to you and purrs to Minette -

    1. I have to buy new winter things. Last years winter things were not up to the task .. I will help you with the bag, how's that ? lol
      purrs back at you !

  2. I'm not a bag or shoe collector. I know nothing about such things, but I covet that second bag. It is just gorgeous.

    Good luck with deciding what to do and how to spend your winter.

    1. hetismij, you don't have to know anything but if you like the bag or shoe. Then as time goes by, your closet fills up with the bags and shoes that you like ... lots of them :)
      That bag is wonderful, I agree.. we both should have it !

  3. Shopping with tango music sounds wonderful. Actually doing anything with tango music sounds excellent too. When I lived in Paris I heard tango music on the radio very often. There were radio stations that played a variety of music: popular, jazz, classical, tango, musette, opera, singers, etc. Now, many stations keep to one genre only, and tango is not a genre I hear very often. Luckily I have several tango CDs, but I’d love to go to Buenos Aires and buy many more.

    1. You are right, Tango Music makes everything better. I remember the radio in Paris .. very multi cultural compared to the US ... I liked it quite a lot. Buying the CD in Buenos AIres is the best way .. but if you get one here, it is ok too :)


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