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Alan Cohen
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Monday, September 22, 2014

I miss ....

I miss the old neighborhood.
Especially one days like today when to get a tomato , I had to drive for 20 minutes.
Then if I forgot something, I have to take another drive or go without.
Todays salad was missing a key ingredient because I just didn't feel like taking another drive.

The kitten and I muddled around for most of the day being lazy and I was trying to be organized.
I should have just followed her example and taken a lot of naps.

I miss my Buenos Aires neighbors and friends.
I miss the music ... you can just walk down the street and you will hear music. From a car , a taxi, from a store .. once we were waiting to cross the street and I heard music, someone was giving violin lessons in the apt on the ground floor of the building we were standing by ..
I stood there through another light , just listening ...

I miss taking that night time walk with my husband, after dinner dishes were all cleared away and we needed to walk off the fullness, we would walk a few blocks to the best .... THE BEST ice cream shop ... called Volta. In Recoleta .. we would buy 2 flavors and mine was usually chocolate cherry and his was dark chocolate .. and he would buy a small cup .. so we had our ice cream to eat on the way home to eat ice cream.
My husband was genius in so many ways.

When Tate the pup was with us, he would love going to the ice cream shop.
There were benches outside, I would sit on the bench holding his leash and my husband would go inside and stand in the often times very long line for ice cream.
Tate would draw a crowd every time.
There are no Standard Poodles in Buenos Aires ... there were none then, I should say, I don't know about now.
But he was treated like royalty, a freak, a vision .. you name it .. people were agog when they saw that dog !
And being such a sweetheart, he had a following of ardent admirers ..

My husband would come out with the bag of ice cream and we would slowly walk back home, stopping to hear the musicians in the park, sometimes watching the couple that would Tango .. the man that played the Bandoneon .. Always music .. wonderful music everywhere.
I miss it.
I miss it all.

 Music !!

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