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Monday, September 22, 2014

Last year

Last year at this time, we were so busy with the yard work and gardening and the house being readied for winter. My husband was in love with his John Deere and we made many visits to the dealership for this and that. He kept wanting to show me how to do it and I kept telling him, he looked much better driving that thing, than I would. so I never learned how.

We went to garden shows around the area. We went to one in early October. There were little houses with windowboxes and flowers in them, a tiny garden of veggies, an Alpaca  in a garden, it was wonderful and there were soooo many people.
We had to park the car and walk a long way to the actual place where the gardens were.

He was so happy, he loved it all. He had such grand ideas of what he was going to do with the gardens, the pool and I just cheered him on and told him I would watch .. I make a better cheerleader than actual participant in some things.

He was happy about that , he knew who had the nice hot cuppa tea waiting or even a nice glass of wine waiting when he came in from a hard day in the garden.

Now all the flowers are back, the shrubs need trimming back, the garden needs to be put to bed.

Minette and I now watch Miguel, who does all of these things for me plus some .. he took the monster air conditioner out of one of the bedroom windows for me .. Miguel is a godsend.

I sure wish I could look out there in that garden right now and see my husband, happy as a kid with a new toy, riding around on that John Deere.

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