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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Be Smart, Be Pale

So I had this dry spot on the bridge of my nose.
Since last year.
OK .. since we were in Argentina.

I finally got too worried to stop thinking about it and made an appointment with a skin doctor here .
Of course, I compared everything to how they did it in Argentina.

It took longer to get the appointment.
I didn't have a great choice ( very limited) of doctors to choose from.
When I got there ( an old Victorian house ) I had to wait too long and then they showed me into the examining room where I waited too long again.

He only looked at my nose, did not take any history or seem that interested.
So he looked at the spot, was making noises of agreement with me on being worried..that it is not quite bad yet, he thinks and he would freeze it.
Freeze it, then I can see him in a few weeks if it doesn't look right yet.

So he froze it twice.
Freezing your nose is less painful than having it cut.
It is sort of shocking to you but definitely not horrible.
And no stitches , black eyes or unsightly results .. except that it looks like you have a bee sting on your nose.
Which would actually hurt more than what he did.

So now I wait until the redness goes away and hopefully the tiny bit of swelling and enlarged pores go away. Then I can slap on the sunblock and glory in my white cancer free skin again.

I have had 3 skin cancer surgeries.
I know what I am talking about.

See a doctor yearly and stop tanning.
It really isn't all that attractive and is definitely not good for you.

Being white and pale is much more attractive than scars from cancers being removed and absolutely more pleasant than the worry and fear of waiting for a biopsy results to come back.

Be smart, be pale.

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