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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Best Dressed Schmoozer on NH Road

Not to sound like a Braggart or anything but I am the Best Dressed person on my street .. perhaps in the neighborhood,  but I mostly just see close neighbors and the cows and sheep .. so I will just go with Best Dressed Resident of NH Road ..

Today I decided to get out of the house and regardless of thunder clouds, drive to Great Barrington Ma, and use the ATM  at the bank there. The bank lady and I have long schmoozes when I drop by ..
I needed that today.
I have gone too long between schmoozes.

It was as pleasant as ever and I am proud of myself because I didn't cry once ... she is one of those people who is so sympathetic and comforting, that she sort of makes me cry.
But today I was strong ..

Until I went to the grocery store and decided that I   can eat ice cream AND cinnamon rolls.. maybe even for dinner.
And as luck would have it .. I was walking through the store, looking for something to tempt me and a lady admired my shoes.
I thanked her and told her I got them in Argentina.
Which as you can imagine, started a nice conversation with lots of laughs ..
Are Argentine men really that handsome ?
Did you eat steak every night ?
Do you tango ? We want to go !!

And the answers remain the same ... Yes, No , No , Go .

It was quite cheerful , I drove home singing along to my new CD at the top of my lungs.
Zooming right past the policeman at only 5 or so miles over the Speed Limit...
He must have heard me singing and thought, she is in pain, I won't stop her. Or ...
She must be happy, I won't ruin that.

I saw fabulous horses .. a Palomino ( remember them ?) and his harem .. 4 of them ... all blondes .
Young blondes.

I saw gardens that are dreamy.
Houses that make me wish I could be like the character in a movie who goes to the door and just says, I want to buy your house, here is one million dollars.
I saw sheep.. so many sheep here .. and funniest sight of the day goes to the Goat at the Farm up the hill.
They rake the used straw and make a pile in part of the yard outside the barn.
Eventually they put it somewhere else ..
Today, on top of this very high ( taller than my car) pile of dirty hay, was a white goat .. sleeping.
I was afraid it was dead at first but its ears moved.

I visited with the Garden Club lady after coming home and getting restless ... the day is so long when there is no one sharing it with you.
Minette only wants to sit by the sliding doors and keep an eye on the chipmunks.
She will need therapy soon.
Obsessive Compulsive Chipmunk Watching.
She will have to take Kitten Prozac.

Now the sun is going down and I will close the doors and figure out which is more appealing .. movies, TV shows or a book.
I will let Minette choose.


  1. Enjoyed reading of your busy/happy day. Glad you are getting out and about……..and wearing gorgeous shoes!!!

    Mary X

    P.S. BTW, thanks for trying but still can't watch the movie!

  2. I'm glad you had a nice visit in Great Barrington. Schmoozing is so much fun, and I'm glad you're getting out. And, I'm glad to hear the little goat is still with us! :)


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