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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fairies at the bottom of my garden

There are Fairies at the bottom of my Garden.
There used to be a birdhouse on a fence near the trees.
Then it fell onto the ground and the birds deserted it.
Today I found it .. standing up .. there are signs of someone living there.
My guess, chipmunks.
Garden fairies like to be up high ..sometimes.

Minette is busy every afternoon, lying on her pillow in front of the doors , keeping an eye on the comings and goings of the Birds.
She is sort of obsessed with them.
I worry.

She knows the sound of the word Chipmunk.
Chi ..... that is all she has to hear and she is off and running.. straight to the sliding doors, where the chipmunks gather to eat the seeds I spill ( on purpose) as I go to the bird feeders with bags of seed.
The chipmunks no longer run when they see her there ... they know she is kept away from them by an invisible force field.
They sometimes mock her. They laugh.
They wiggle their tiny little chipmunk butts at her.
I think she hates them sometimes.
But mostly she wants to taste them.
She and I fought over a bug that she saw on the garden room floor .. she won .. she ate that bug and gave me a look .. smug.
Did she think if I had caught it, I would have eaten it ??

We are under a Severe Weather Alert.
Much attention is being given to people in cars .. Do Not Drive  Through Water.
I find that difficult when it rains hard, don't you ?
Unless you drive with one of those magic force fields ...

I am just glad there is no river nearby and I am not in a valley.
My house is also not flat on the ground so hopefully, even if there are floods, Minette and I won't have to leave town in a rowboat.

I worry about the fairies at the bottom of the garden though ..

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