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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Cat Hid My Glasses

Those glasses are either on my face   when reading or doing something that I need to see .. like cook or find something   and they were last seen sitting on my desk.
They have a tendency to be shy and quiet so it took a little while to realize that they were not still sitting there, waiting to be of use.
I know they are scared out of their wits and being quiet and it is just making it more difficult to find them.

I thought they might be hiding in a corner under the sofa ... which is huge and heavy and low.
But this morning .. early this morning, Thank you Minette, I took the Swiffer thingee and lay on my stomach on the floor and swiffed under the sofa, hoping I would hear that little sound meaning I was pulling my glasses out of their hiding place.
But no ... not even a dust bunny. ( lonely widows dust a lot ).

The kitten thinks the hunt for the glasses is just about the most fun thing we have done all week.
When I gave up , she began running through the house like an insane kitty cat then collapsed on the floor, by my feet, purring.
Who can be mad at her ??!

This morning the glasses did not come slinking back onto the desk, embarrassed that they were gone so long, sorry they didn't let me know where they were and when to expect them back.
So now I know it is serious and I must do a more thorough search.
I am sort of glad, it will be something to do.

Yesterday I visited the farm but they were having a sale/give-away of farming tools and junk. I had hopes that a small lamb or little calf might be part of the give-away but no .. rusty hoes and broken kitchen chairs were all I found.
And a lamp that looks suspiciously like the one I used to have..that my husband hated ... hmmmm.
I can't find my glasses but my old lamp returns 20 years later...
Does this mean IF I live long enough, my glasses will show up in a garage sale nearby ?

I have to get another cup of coffee ... I am listening to the soundtrack of Amelie .. the sun is shining, more flowers have opened, there are massive iris out there opening one at a time, rhodedendrums everywhere, purple, magenta and now white .. my nasturtiums are taking off and so are the sweet peas .. the pool cannot be seen right now- there is too much jungle around it ... I saved that for a hired person. I learned my lesson yesterday .

Maybe I will go have a chat with one of the sheep today. Get some advice on finding lost glasses.


  1. It´s not the cat who hid the glasses, it´s the elves that like to hide things away from us and have some fun. You have to leave a candy for the elves, and they will return your glasses. It seems to work, and there´s no harm in trying! Good luck!

  2. Sandra, I am going to the market now to buy candy, I want my glasses back !

    besitos !

  3. When I wasn't looking, the cat slipped the glasses into an old eyeglass case that I don't use and left it on my desk. I just found them sitting there ..
    Good Cat !

  4. Good cat indeed! I was actually going to suggest that it was the Borrowers who had them, and that you needed to leave a spool of thread or some peas in a thimble for them in trade. :-)

  5. Next time I will try the peas in a thimble just in case :)


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