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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


It is 84°! It feels like Summertime !

 It is actually noisy outside, in the back yard, by the bird feeders , a wild bunch there today !
I drove to Great Barrington Ma this morning.. to see a doctor about my hand .
It might be a carpal tunel thing, or a tendon, or a nerve, or a tired hand.
Whatever it is, it certainly hurts and aspirin or Advil  and the little glove that makes me look like a Skateboarder, are not working.
It mostly hurts in my thumb. go figure.

So .. my appointment is for sometime in June. weeks and weeks from now.
By then it will be gone or  I will be addicted to pain killers.
I will try some New Age medicine .. like Bloody Marys every 4 hours and only salads and chocolate cake for one month.
That way I will either be cured  or I won't feel it anyway .
But I will at least have a nice taste of chocolate in my mouth.

The Kitten wants to play.
She is also really reeeally interested in the birds and what goes on outside.
We have to be super careful she doesn't make a dash for it ... when one of the 5 doors to this house is opened. It is weird , every room in the house has a door to get outside.
Whoever built this house had issues...either a  need to have an exit available at all times or fear of being trapped or they owned a door company.
It turned out nicely though .. it is convenient to go outside , when the notion hits you, without even leaving the room, you can just walk out that door !

So right now all I hear is birds . I think I love it.

In Buenos Aires, we lived in a 4 lane city street .. Buses . taxis, cars, trucks, loud radios, horns .. lotsa horns honking and people ... everywhere.
But if you went to the back of the apartment, which was overlooking the courtyard behind the building, there was one massive tree and all you could hear if you opened the windows ... was ... Birds.
Just like my back yard.

So if I go lie down now on the bed and close my eyes, I can pretend I am in Buenos Aires.

But then a Kitten will pounce on me and spoil the mood.
I think I am better off lying on the bed with the kitten and playing with her ...

It feels like Summertime.


  1. I'm so jealous you were in Great Barrington! You should go see Tracey at Steady Hands Acupuncture for your hand, she's REALLY good. Tell her I sent you and she'll be extra nice :)

  2. Grey, wet (varies from absolutely chucking it down to that swirly gets everywhere drizzle), windy, ... must be summer in London too ;-)

  3. Sorry to hear about your hand but I laughed at the your remedies.Hope the doc can prescribe something effective.

  4. Sara Louise, If I didn't have this thing about needles.

    Furtheron ... I kinda wish I was in London, wet and grim or suny.

    Marilyn, Thank you .. I kind of guess my remedies will be nicer than what a doctor comes up with, but I might use my remedies at the same time .. yeah ! that's the ticket !


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