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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Busy Day at Minettes

It is cold but sunny.
It is quiet but pleasant.
I am lonesome but I have Minette.

Minette has stomach issues but the vet is on top of it.
I took a drive, visiting vets and animal shops and getting advice .

I took a drive and wept on the way home because I miss my husband.
We used to take those drives all the time.

Minette was waiting for me .
Minette was glad to see me.
I showed her the room with all the windows where she can keep an eye on the birds and chipmunks and still be indoors and safe from predators.
Predators ?
Over the house today ... Hawks. Big ones. Husband and Wife team.
Minette would be their appetizer.

I am thinking of putting on my Worker clothes and going out into the garden, gathering wood that has fallen from trees and make things look more neat and tidy.
For a garden full of ivy, shrubs, plants, bushes and huge trees, neat and tidy is a euphemism for not such a mess .

Oh ... I got the car washed.

Did I mention the games we played this am, Minette and I ?
Hide the kitty.
Find the kitty.
Stop the kitty from sharpening her claws on the rugs.
Stop the kitty from sharpening her claws on mamas leg.
Make the kitty stay out of the shower.
Convince the kitty that the sunroom is safer than the great outdoors.

A busy day at Minettes house.


  1. Minette is just so darned adorable! Chasing a kitten around is good exercise. :) We keep our 3 kitties in all the time because of predators, (and a busy street,) also. Coyotes, hawks, the occasional eagle. No chances taken here. Hugs from Oregon. I'm glad Minette's stomach issues are being settled.

  2. Thanks, I hope those stomach issues will be settled, poor little bitty thing.


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