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Monday, April 7, 2014

This Place is for the Birds !

Since I am living out in the countryside , I realized that there are some things to do that I missed while living in huge cities full of skyscrapers .. 
I have gotten to enjoy Bird Watching . 

Not  bird watching like people who    go hiking with binoculars and birding books in groups  .. just the sort where you look out your window and there is some amazing bird sitting in your garden .. eating bird seed out of one of the feeders .. in this case, often while little bitty birds wait in line for their turn.

Can you picture them ? like the women outside the Ladies Room at Intermission. 

I was given a little gift recently. 
One that I would never have thought to buy for myself .. one that is already coming in handy. A book on Birds in this area ..
Now I can Name that Bird !!

So this is what we have so far ... 

Of course there are Crows and  Sparrows and Doves , I live in the country ! but how about ...

Red tailed hawks
a Horned owl
Woodpeckers .. you can hear them more than you can see them.
Turkey buzzards
Blue jays, again, they can be heard as well as seen.(known as big mouths in the bird world )
Ravens and Red Wing Blackbirds

Amazing . .. and those are just the ones that I have seen often enough to be able to figure them out with the book. 
Not to mention, the bird feeders are just feet from my windows where I can see them all the time.

If one day, you are up here in this part of New York State, keep an eye out for some wild eyed woman with binoculars and a Birds of New York book clutched in her hands.
It might be me.




And even though I did not see them from where I am sitting, a flock of Snow Geese went over, on their way home . Honking honking ...

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