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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Minette in the Morning

Sometimes I wake at 5:30 or 6:00 am and for a moment I wonder Why ? Why am I awake this early ?
Then Minette walks across my head on her way to playing with the string to the shades on the window by the bed.

Sometimes I wake and it is dead quiet and I lie there and relish the peace and quiet and try to go back to sleep but the thought keeps popping up ... what woke me up ? Why is it so quiet ?
Where is Minette ?

Sometimes I don't have to look far, she is sitting precariously on the window sill, next to things that mean a lot to me.
Things that might break.

( I have put almost every thing in the house that is precious, in a closet. away from Minette ....
I have to go stand in a closet to look at things that I love and miss the sight of .)

What is it about the bookcase that appeals to her so much ?
Did I find a literary kitten ??

What is it about the back of the television that she loves so much ?
Is she interested in electronics ?

Why is it that every cat on the planet hates to walk on things like aluminum foil but Minette will walk on it and bring it to me if it falls off the counter , where I put it  ... to keep her from walking on the counter.

Why is it that she is the size of a baby squirrel but she can make an adult human run back and forth without even asking for something ?

Why is it that her voice sounds like she sucks helium every morning ?
I should have named her Squeaky.

Just when she drives me to the point of considering leaving her on the doorstep of a Kitten Orphanage she meows or starts to purr when she looks at me or washes my hair while purring.
I am her Mama.
But I do wish she would let me sleep in the morning and have my 4 cups of coffee before the kitten shenanigans begin.


  1. She is so adorable!

  2. Look at those eyes, wide open. She looks *very* alert, and very sweet at the same time.

  3. Anony, she is .. when she is not making me crazy :)

    Mym, her sweetness is keeping her from being locked up in a crate right now. She has discovered Kleenex tissues .. shredding them is fun.

  4. ….just think how boring an older cat would be, LOL!!!

    Minette, you'd better take care of your sweet mama's things……and please let her sleep later on these cold, cold mornings 'til
    Spring comes.

    Mary X


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