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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Monday

I am looking out the window at grey skies and ominous clouds, more snow is on the way.
Anyone looking in the window would see me .. looking a bit ominous too ... tears might be on the way.
I had so many plans and dreams before we left Argentina and now it is down to, IF ONLY it is a dry day I can drive somewhere ...
IF ONLY it doesn't snow anymore ...
IF ONLY it warms up because I know I will be bankrupted by this years fuel bill.

Kittens are a lot of work.
They need entertainment and I am so not in the mood these days for being silly and making a kitten laugh.
She does very well herself, finding things to play with ... if only they were not a bracelet I put on the dresser, a pen on the desk, the remote for the television, and why is it that this house is almost all windows and glass doors  and she needs to climb into My bedroom window where there are breakable things ?

I have a very small one but what they lack in numbers, they make up in preciousness.
(is that a word ? preciousness....well, even if it wasn't, it is now)
I don't seem to see enough of them but that might just be me, the Needy One.

Mine is coming .. in 20 days if we are actually counting ..
My first without my husband.... in 40 years.
My first with a new grandson ..
My first with both children here with me ..

Getting Along
People send sweet little notes and just ask, How are you getting along ?
I write back and thank them and say, I am doing OK ...
I guess OK is better than the black pit of depression that lurks around the corner but I hope that They are right, those that says Time helps.
I am making plans.
This keeps me from thinking about the past and the future that didn't happen and gives me some hope for better things to come.

I am going to sell my house and move as far South , near Manhattan as I can get.
Which might only be 2 hours away instead of 2 1/2 ... prices are crazy, I don't know my way around that part of the world .. we will see.

If it will just stop snowing.

A herd of deer in the back. 7 of them !!
Deer rob bird feeders.
The birds sent a letter of complaint and now I have to go buy deer proof bird feeders.
We ( the kitten and I) saw a squirrel for the first time this winter.

Lately, plans are those things you make in the morning because if you wake up and think, today I will be going to the mall or the coffee shop and you look out the window and there is snow piling up, you get a bit disappointed.
So now I make vague plans and wait until morning to see if I will be allowed out today.
Right now it is grey and cold but no snow.
Maybe I will get the car washed, that could be exciting .. I never did it before alone .
You might read in the papers tomorrow, local resident found screaming in her car after being stuck for 12 hours being washed.

Happy Monday


  1. Oh i'm glad for you that you will be moving closer to the city! That's a very positive thing. I'd be tired of the snow too if i were you. I'm so very used to Oregon weather now, that moving back to Maine with all that snow might drive me bonkers. I'm happy for you that you'll be surrounded by family on your birthday. Sending comforting hugs your way!

  2. Candace - I sometimes wonder if it is better to have had someone wonderful in their life only to have it taken away or never to have had that special someone.

    Glad you are thinking of moving. Being unable to do things and forced to be housebound is maddening and not helping you one bit.

    Minette is a kitten and, I'm sure a handful at times, but she is adorable and probably helps you to distract you occasionally. I have three that are all rescues and have come with a sad beginning but knowing they are safe and secure I find comforting. Everytime you lookat her you know you've saved her life and that you both need one another.

    Take Care - Karen (Madison)

  3. Mary, my husband had a harder time adjusting to the damp/gloomy days in Oregon than I did .. we both had no trouble at all adjusting to the sunny beautiful almost all year round weather in Buenos Aires :)
    Minette and I will sit and watch it snow and one day we will be surprised by all the sun and maybe a flower or two. Something to look forward to :)
    Karen, I know .. I have had those thoughts and to tell the truth, as sad as I am ( and sometimes it is overwhelming) I would not give up a day of the happiness I had .
    Yes, the country life was a great idea for 2 of us, but now it is going to have to be a little more In Town life for Minette and I.
    And we are both happy with each other :)

  4. Dear Candace, I've just caught up with all that has gone on for you these past few months and I am so incredibly sorry. The way life's plans can change in such an instant is so very numbing and must learn it seems, to walk all over again. Though it wasn't my husband, I experienced the very tragic and very unexpected loss of a dear loved one just a few years ago, she was only 37. Our world was turned upside down, but I have to say that time did heal, in a way, though there was a new world to learn how to live in, one without her. She's with me always, her memory shines about, but there is also a cloud that never goes away, it just doesn't, but thinking about her now brings more smiles than tears (though my eyes are tearing as I write this), and I pray that that this will happen more and more for you as well.

    Your most recent posts have a touch of hopefulness and humor in them (thanks to sweet Minette), which is so nice to see. I thank God for the miracle of our sweet Ginger during those sad times, what a blessing these little creatures are to distract and bring joy.
    Praying for comfort, strength, peace, and no more snow...and sending many hugs.
    And all the best with any and every plan...♥
    xoxo Jessica

  5. Go to "my baking addiction".....
    Look up blueberry buttermilk breakfast bread....
    Make one....
    You will thank me!

    Linda :o)

  6. Oh Linda, you troublemaker :)
    Thank you in advance.

  7. Jessica, I want you to know that I have read your note a few times .. I know I will read it again a few times. Thank you.


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