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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I am the Human

I'm too old for this.
No matter how old I am or was or will be ... Minette is wearing me out.

She takes cat naps, that is one of the clues to having energy ... all day and all night.

She is the size of a tea cup but she can wreck a kitchen in 3 minutes and be sitting there washing her paw and looking innocent when discovered.

She has a voice like a very small mouse with laryngitis and it can still be heard throughout the house.

She is fast .. try catching her to put her in her crate shortly after you discover the bathroom tissue ripped to shreds, the 40th time she has climbed in the window sill or the time you look at the nice glass object on the table and see that is has been moved.

She had "stomach issues" this morning so I got to wake up to pitiful kitten and messy crate.

After dealing with that, she felt great and I got to chase her around the house .

She still hasn't learned that I must MUST have at least 3 cups of coffee in a silent house without moving before I am truly awake.

So now I am having a cup of coffee and she is meowing in her crate.

I am the Human.
I win !

Until I am through posting this, then I will take her out and hold her and talk baby talk to her and wait until she takes a nap to do anything.


  1. Hello Candice:

    She is absolutely adorable! We should forgive her everything, as we suspect that you do!! May we steal her?!!!

  2. Not right now as she is napping and when she sleeps she is adorable. Wait until tomorrow morning around 5 am , then you can have her ..

  3. She's just so darned adorable! And you only THINK you've won. lol. They have a way of looking at us with big 'innocent' eyes. Who.. me?? :)

  4. LOL, I know .. Mary .. her eyes are huge and very yellow. She looks like a little alien.
    And she has a squeaky meow .. Every night is the same thing, she gets into everything she should not. I have to lock her in a box.
    Innocent looks and all lol

  5. Candice ,,, she is adorable ... enjoy all her antics they (furbabies) just like babies grow up so fast... Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  6. Ah but she's so beautiful! My cats are exactly the same way, they drive me mad but they get away with it because - when they're not destroying my tissues, pulling my clothes into their litter tray (yes really), scratching my sofa and stealing my spot on the bed - they're adorable ;)

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