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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Once Upon A Time When It Was Not Winter

I would be able to walk out there without help.
Or at least someone in the house watching to be sure I didn't slip and fall into the deep snow and not be found until Summer.

I would run back and forth every few days from the ( sorry ...) Solarium to the bird feeders , keeping the little beggars happy and well fed.

I would devise ways to keep the chipmunks and squirrels from being able to get to the feeders.

I would watch the chipmunks and squirrels figure it out quickly and get to the feeders.
It can be slightly depressing when you can't best a squirrel or a chipmunk.

I would tell my husband that I was fine, watching Him drive that riding lawnmower thing around and around and not crashing into things.
He was always a brilliant driver.
Only once did he get into a tight space on that lawnmower, which cannot be backed up.
So he had to do a lot of fancy back and forth, back and forth until he got out.

I know it is a beautiful garden, an acre of trees and shrubs and flowers constantly blooming, thanks to the Garden Club lady who lived here a long time ago.
I hate to think she is looking down from Garden Club Lady Heaven and hoping that I will do a good job.
Because I can't.
I can't even mow the lawn!
I will admire it all and praise her but there is no way I am going to break my back trying to keep up an acre of gardens ... my next garden will most likely be in Window Boxes .

I look out the windows today and see bright blue skies with bright sunshine , on bright snow.
Deep snow. It is still up to my knees ..
I should teach the kitten how to dial 911 in case she sees me slip and fall into a drift .. maybe I should have gotten a dog .. it could run out and dig me out .. or pull me out by my collar like Lassie would.

I have a feeling Minette will be interested in my arm waving floundering as I go under the snow , for
about a minute then she will go back to washing herself, biting her nails, chasing a dust mote.
At this stage, she is not a deep thinker.

I daydream of flying to Florida to visit my daughter.
But I had to go and get a kitten !

I daydream of accepting invitations to Buenos Aires ... there's that kitten again.

So I sit here ( or dash around after a small creature) each day and wait for the Seasons to change, the sun to come out and melt away all of the snow and let me out into the fresh air again.
I can wait.
 I have company now.
If she will just stop biting my toes.... late  at night ...... washing my hair .... late at night .... .. meowing pitifully when the she can't see me .....  late at night ..


  1. My niece flies all the time with her cat as carryon from DC to Bos. No being stowed at the bottom of the Titantic!

  2. That is good to know. Minette is the size of a small squirrel so she would fit in my purse :) I will look at kitty carry-ons. The way I feel these days, they might want to stow Me in the bottom of the Titanic.


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