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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stepping back

This is Cafe Rivas in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.
The street where the red jeep is parked, is  lined with houses behind walls, with flowering vines spilling over them to the ground.
You can hear all the birds on the other side of the walls. Sometimes water in a fountain ..
Walk up that street and you are where all the Antique stores are found, where Sundays the streets are closed to traffic and vendors set up tables and antiques and hand made goods and jewelry and all sorts of things are for sale .. music on every corner, cafes open their windows and doors so you can still enjoy it all from your table inside.

The food is pretty good here, I enjoyed lunch with a friend and family and my husband, whenever we were in San Telmo.
It was more than just a cafe, a place to have a bite to eat , it is like stepping back in time.

I want to step back in time again . Anyway I can.


  1. Hello Candice:

    We shall make a note of this as we hope to visit friends in Buenos Aires when we return to Montevideo at the end of the year. It all looks and sounds most interesting.

  2. I always heard that Buenos Aires was like Paris. I know my mother, who lived in Paris, always wanted to go there. Unfortunately when I flew back home it was not on the way to France from Atlanta or I would have stopped… but I still hope to go there someday. I don’t speak Spanish though, but with my French and Italian I may be able to communicate somehow.


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