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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Drama Queens

It seems as if it is never just Sunny anymore.
It is either Sunny and the Coldest day of the Year or Cloudy, Grey and a degree warmer making more  Snow   possible.
If I suddenly fell down outside my front door, the pile of snow is still big enough that I would be buried until June.
If it didn't snow again, I don't think I will truly be warm again until August.

Minette is warm.
She has her own little fur coat. A very beautiful color too.
She has her own little soft, cushy bed covered in that fleece that baby clothes are made of.
She is either on that, or curled up in here, where mama was thoughtful enough to supply a sofa ..
with blankets.

And then she has the bed that is a bit too high for her yet, but if someone ... ok .. if I pick her up in the morning and toss her under the covers, she will go back to sleep.

Except for the mornings where she attacks my hair on the pillow.

Bites my finger .. no particular reason, it is just there .

Walks across my face .. while I sleep ... I know I am pale but can't she tell my head from the pillow ??
Which leads me to think I have a pillow face ... how I got it I have no idea but that is the only idea I have these days ... my head looks like a puffy pillow.

I opened a bottle of seltzer and the bottle cap sliced my finger.

If I said  ... A bottle cap sliced my finger ... my husband would start curling up and groaning and having a major drama fit, because the thought of a finger being sliced made him feel weird.. sick .. like curling up and protecting himself.

There were days, at our house,  when there was a tie for the  Drama Queen Award.

Speaking of Drama Queens ... If this kitten climbs on my head in the middle of the night again, I am going to let her join the Circus.


  1. Little kittens have so much energy. I did let my little Mitsuko come to my bedroom at nights, then she started to jump in the closet during the night . From the tallest shelf she started to jump onto my bed and would do it several times. I had to confine her to the kitchen as I would wake up too often during the night then could not get back to sleep. I felt as exhausted as when I had a newborn!

  2. That sounds exactly like Minette. She will be banned every night to her "box" until she grows out of that stage !
    She is so tiny to be able to get up on tall furniture in a single bound. Not to mention, she is fast .. I totally relate to the newborn exhaustion lol

  3. are too funny......hahaha! face! Hahaha!
    Linda :o)

  4. Looks like you have your hands full with Minette - kitten training will fill your time until the snow melts. Best to tackle it now to save face (pun intended!!) and for when that little grandson comes to visit - can't have a kitty trying to sleep on a little baby's face!

    Sorry the snow is still so deep - just try to imagine all the life tucked underneath readying to wow you with a myriad of greens, golds and other Spring colors - who knows what secret plantings are hiding and will bring beauty to your garden once the big melt
    comes.......hopefully soon dear.

    It's sunny and dry here now but tomorrow perhaps freezing rain early morning - crazy how it keeps changing - will be glad to say goodbye to February this year!

    Hugs, Mary

  5. Minette is insane.
    But I love her anyway.
    That is probably because I am insane too :)


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