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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We Found Each Other

I have this tiny kitten who seems to have the ability to tear down a house in a short time.
She can break bottles , spill water, knock over plants and disappear all in one blink of an eye.
I forgot how fast kittens move.

I forgot how much work they really are .. they need watching every minute, they need company and most of all, they need naps.

I yelled at her after she broke the second thing this morning, she ran away.
I immediately felt terrible, she is a tiny baby.
Her life started out in the cold ..motherless and sick and on her way to a cold sad death ... someone ( an angel) discovered her with another old cat ( that  died ) and brought her to Animalkind , where she was doctored and warmed and brought back to health.

How can I yell at her ?

She crawls under the covers and tucks herself under my chin at night and sleeps, purring loudly.
I lie there and wait for her to move ... I have been getting to sleep later, lately.

She has developed a fascination for the bottom of the bathroom door.
Which is in my bedroom.
So at any given time, I can look over there and there she is , crouched down, staring at the bottom of the door.

My imagination goes wild ... spiders ?? what does she see creeping around ??
I have looked, there is nothing there ... I think she is playing that game ... Made You Look !

She will run around like a lunatic then stop ... and take a nap.
If I pick her up to move her, she purrs loudly.
If I am awake in the night and feeling sad, I can reach out and pet her, she purrs loudly.

We got lucky, Minette and I ... we found each other.


  1. Makes me think of the song - You Were Meant For Me♡

  2. It is so funny when they run around like lunatics! I read a satirical essay on cats once and the author suggested they are randomly generating numbers in their brains and when the numbers match up--woo-hoo- RUN like a nut! That's as good of an explanation as any for the crazy, lunatic running around, which is so funny and endearing. I'm glad you and Minette have each other.

    1. LOL, that is funny and so good an explanation. Whoo Hoo !
      We have been snuggled on the sofa all evening, watching television. She likes Justified . I think she has a crush on Timothy Olyphant ..


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