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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Say Hello

This is Sasha. ( I changed my mind and her name, This is Minette)
The newest member of my family.
She seems very happy to be here. She likes where her little bed is situated, outside are the bird feeders. She also likes to loll around under the coffee table .. and we don't know yet where she will sleep tonight, she is welcome on my bed or she will have her own bed.
Things might not be quite so lonely around here anymore...


  1. Thank you :) She is sooo sweet too and tiny ! She is sitting on the sofa watching me and she can't keep her eyes open lol

  2. I am beyond thrilled Sasha is now a part of your life. She is adorable and, in my opinion, just what you need. How old is she?

    1. She is 3 months old. Affectionate and curious and sweet.

  3. How wonderful that you have adopted a lovely little feline! I know you will enjoy her love and company tremendously. There is nothing like a sweet little kitty to brighten your day and your life.

    1. Anony, she has already cheered me up :) Although I did have a bit of a cry that my husband was not here to see her.

  4. Sasha looks a delight, and like everyone else I am delighted that you now have someone to cuddle and love, and she will love you in return.
    By the way I took notice of what you said on your blog about removing word verification, and I am trying the same - fingers crossed that the spammers stay away.
    Oh! I see you have brought it back - did the spammers find you?

    1. Thank you Rosemary ! She is just adorable. Sound asleep next to me .. I changed the word verification .. spammers found me but I might have fixed that without making genuine comments still easy to leave. fingers crossed :)

  5. Sasha is purr-fectly adorable. I am so happy for both of you!


  6. I know a pretty kitty when I see one. She looks so cute. I feel sure that you'll be very happy together.

  7. Scarlett:

    Sasha and my Kitty could have been twins! Had her for 20 years and what a great cat she was. Tiny thing-only weighed 7 pounds and what a joy. Everyone loved her, too.

    This is great news! Weekender

  8. So happy you have a cat. She will provide company for you. Cats are such good company they keep an eye on things. Where did you get her?

    1. I got her at this amazing place in Hudson NY, called AnimalKind. They have vets and the cats rule the house- it is converted into a space with glass walls and the cats wander, they are on the desk, people can come in and just sit and hold them in their laps .. a wonderful place on so many levels.
      She was the only small/young cat there, because she had just come in recently, no one had grabbed her up yet.. thus we know this was Meant To Be .

  9. You've made my day, my week and more! Seeing Sasha here and knowing you have a companion to love, hug, and love you back, is fabulous news dear. She's adorable and reminds me so much of my first much-loved kitty long ago - Kit Kat. We then adopted Tiny, a big fluffy Maine Coon who stayed with us for 21 years…….I still miss her every day even though she's been in 'kitty heaven' for over 10 years now! We no longer have a cat, but maybe some day when we no longer travel for long periods!!!!

    I know you will love having Sasha………….where did you find her?
    Purr to Sasha, oh yes and love to you Candice for giving her a wonderful home.
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. You can set Comments to Moderate you know - that way no verification required and you can read them before you decide if you wish to publish them - I do it that way.

    1. Thank you Mary ! I have it set on Moderate now .. :)
      I might change her name, she is not being such a Sasha .. she is being more of a Minette .. and she is no bigger than a minute .. Her story will be the next blog :) Kit Kat .. good name :)


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