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Monday, February 10, 2014

First night, Name change, Opinions

Her name is Minette.

What can I say, she is playing, eating, drinking, bird watching, sleeping with mama with the smallest bit of disturbance and generally the sweetest little thing you ever saw.
She came in here to see what I am doing and hopped up on the sofa and she is reading every word, with those huge yellow eyes .. I just got one of those slow blinks .. that means I Love You in cat .. just so you know.

As with all kittens, especially as young as she is .. she needs a mama and she likes to play .. with Everything. I want her to enjoy everything more than usual, she had such a terrible beginning and is so lucky to be alive ... and I am so lucky she is here too.

I think she weighs 4 lbs.

I woke up with her walking on my chest and breathing. Loudly.
I stuffed her under the covers and she curled up next to me and purred ... loudly.
We both went back to sleep.

Now she is here watching me ... tired out from her new favorite past time ..bird watching.
I didn't tell her but the birds laughed ..  one of the giant Blue Jays that we get around here nudged his partner and said " That is a Cat ? LOL LOL " 

Today will be spent kitten proofing some of the rooms and playing and I will see if she can tolerate the vacuum cleaner .. if not, I guess I will have to forego that treat and just dust mop ..(my luck, she will love the vacuum cleaner).

I am waiting for the man who took care of my driveway snow the other day .. he did not want to charge me .. he was ( I thought) kind.
But I paid him ... quite a lot imo.
Today he called and told me how much the bill was for    the men who removed the snow from my roof ( danger ! danger ! falling snow !)
I was kind of shocked since I didn't request this, he suggested it and I thought it would be included in the whole snow removal deal .
But now I have to give them the same amount I gave him which tells me some people are not as generous and kind as they might seem to be and when they ask you to make the check out to a church, maybe give them cash instead.

This is just my opinion.

Minette is asleep ... shhhhhhh ~


  1. Last week I wrote a comment on your blog and today I went back and read your reply saying that you had left Argentina last year. So I went back to last year and read many of your posts. I understand now. You have a nice neighbor, and that helps. Having a kitten is wonderful companionship. Your little cat looks like our little Mitsouko – she is a Korat – a grey cat originating from Thailand. She is so mischievous. We do not have snow now but are expecting another freeze tomorrow – I am going to change my husband’s appointment to his brain doctor as it is far away. Having a good neighbor is good - we only know one sets of neighbor, from many years ago, and they are not friendly. When we had some pine trees cut because they were threatening the house – we could not move the branches out of the front yard right away because it kept raining – they called the police and had them site us with some unknown county law – no storage of wood in the front yard! I had to go to court and pay a fine. Have fun with your little cat – Minette, that was the name of my mother’s cat in Paris.

    1. My little Minette is a Russian Blue :) That is terrible about your neighbors. I am sorry. Minette is a good name, thank you. and good good luck for your husband !

  2. Minette - even better - she is just so petite and cute, and I can tell you love each other already♥

    1. Yes, we are very happy together. She is talking to me now. I think it might have something to do with toys.

  3. First Candice, as you had no agreement, a written contract, or engaged those roof guys yourself, Bob and I don't think you had to pay them anything! You said they were leaving when you came home - that was something you were not expecting to be done without your knowledge.
    Yes dear, you need to be careful now as there are people out there who will try to take advantage of you - this happens to women alone sometimes. I'm sorry this happened but at least you know you are safe when it comes to snow damage on your home.

    Minette is a sweet name for a lovely little girl. Glad she purrs loudly, that's a must for me with kitties. Know you are going to be a great mama to this kitty……she must already feel blessed.

    Hugs and purrs - Mary

  4. I hope I won't need any more snow plowing !
    Minette is a good girl. She is sleeping sweetly on the sofa beside me. Thank you ,

  5. Have you discussed this with your neighbor? This sounds very suspicious. You need to get the word out about this guy and how he operates - and should not give him another dime. Who goes to someone's home when they aren't there and does work without permission? Someone should be there with you when you confront him.

    1. Faro, I knew they were coming, just not when and I thought the price was covered by what I had already paid. I think it is my fault for not being sure of everything Before .. I will ask more questions next time .. thank you though ! It is kind of you to be concerned :)


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