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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Get a Glass, Let's Have a Little Whine Together

I go first !

I am sorry to say that I am sick of the sight of snow.
It is beautiful when it falls but I am not so in love with the mountains of it piled outside my doors.
It took a truck with a plow and more than a few dollars to get my driveway clear so I could pull the car out of the garage.

I had to have men climb up on my roof and remove snow so
1- no avalanche when I slam a door
2- no leaks
3- they said I had to do it, so I did it.
I am beyond knowing everything there is about living alone in the great North Woods .. or you might still call it New York State.

I want to go to a Mall.
Walmart, Target  and Home Depot  do not constitute "Mall" for me.
I want to look at nice clothes and try on boots and maybe buy a new pair of something warm.
Because I am convinced that it will never be summer again.
This is it ... snow. forever. Even birds get to go to Florida.
Me ? I get to sit here and watch the snow fall.
And wonder what made those prints in the snow  outside the windows ????

The man I depended on for knowing What needed to be done When, is no longer here.
So I am semi-anxious all the time.

I only see birds outside. No people, no deer, no dogs, just birds.
I like birds. I just wish they could drink coffee and chat a while.
Or as it was in Buenos Aires, maybe I need to learn to speak Birdish.

I will take lessons, maybe I will be more fluent than I was in Castellano.

I was counting on company coming for 2 weeks now.
This am I jumped out of bed and behaved the way a cheerful person might behave, full of anticipation .

Then I got the phone call.
It involved snow, ice and cars impossibly trapped in city streets and  no shovels.

I have to find something to do now .. alone  .. my choices are :

Laundry- in the basement of horrors.

Take a drive to another town and hope I don't get stuck in snow or ice.

Go to a grocery store just because there are people there .. I don't need groceries.

Where is a Starbucks when you need one ?

I might try to drive to the town where Animalkind is located.
Perhaps my luck will change and I will come home with a little bitty new furry member of the family.

We will see ..

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  1. No more whining! A glass of wine to toast your new kitty!



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