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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bring Back Summer !!

My days used to be full of sunshine, laughter, music and I was never alone.
Boy did things change !

Since October, I have been  alone.
My children visit when possible, if the snow doesn't interfere or work or life . .
I will always be grateful for all the time and expense spent leaving everything and coming here with the baby to keep me company, advise me, comfort me and make the dark nights not so long or scary.
Or buying plane tickets and flying here to see me  !!

My neighbor from Buenos Aires sends emails now and tells me how things are and how the neighbors are doing, this is lovely .. I am so happy about that and anxious to be able to go back for a visit.

The weeks are not quite as long when I know there will be company coming.
But then the snow came.
I have not had company for 2 weekends.

This week I got Minette. She lightens my heart, how could she not ?
A tiny loving purring little sweetheart who depends on me for everything...
We are getting along well, today I got kitten kisses so I think she is content with her new circumstances.

It will be fun to see how she likes the baby and what he thinks of a kitten .. I imagine everything will be funny and good.

I sit here , with a window in front of me.
I am facing the street.
I am also facing snow as far as I can see, piled high, at least 3 feet and trees ..
In the back there are deer, last night I counted 7, robbing the bird feeders, poor things.
I had to scare them away .. they are large and can be destructive and I can't   feed them plus the birds ..
Next the bears will come ambling over and the wolves will be slinking in ...
I want to  keep this down to Just Birds ..

Minette likes birds.
They make her make funny noises.
She sits on her little pillow and makes noises at them and I have to go away to laugh so as not to disturb her enjoyment.

All of this is nice.
I just wish there were Someone here to enjoy it too .. he was so happy to be back here and full of plans for snuggling in during the snowy winters.
The cold nights would certainly be warmer and more pleasant.
And maybe not so dark !!
Did you ever see any night as dark as a night out in the countryside ??
Summer nights here were nice, you could see every single star in the sky .. a huge moon shining .. now it is deep dark and while there are stars, they seem farther away and colder.

I say lets start a campaign .. Bring Back Summer !

Now I have to go out and see if I can find what Minette needs in the way of diet, toys and maybe another cushion,  a girl can never have too many cushions.


  1. Your little Minette looks so much like my little Mitsouko, it’s uncanny. Some people cannot tell between the Russian Blue and the Korat breeds and it is true. Look on the Net for Korat pictures and you will see.
    It is hard to be indoors like this I am sure. Yesterday and today we have had to stay indoors too because of the ice storm. I have been working on blog related things – trying to answer all the comments I receive on my posts – and I am still behind. Going downstairs and checking on my husband – we had to change his doctor’s appointment, now it will be in April, but he is not changing too much too fast (he has Alzheimer.) Life is not easy sometimes – I guess everything goes in cycles.

  2. You have my vote -or more than one if it is legal - Spring is only 37 days away so maybe we could start now for Summer, right? I am sick of rain and snow and living in the NW it seems my malady shall last for a while...sigh.

    Minette is adorable, she has that mischievous look that I happen to find so endearing. She will be a good friend and you will never regret having a little home companion. I wish I could say something to offer you comfort, I feel the same some times, so many plans, so much to hope for and suddenly we are left with snow and loneliness. I can only say that you will be alright, You have loving children, and faithful friends in Buenos Aires that I am sure will welcome you with open arms. Just think about making a trip as soon as you can, that will make the time pass faster. I truly hope that for you. I wish I could go back but my health won't let me and so here I stay, enjoying memories through your exquisite photos. Be well and stay warm.


    1. They will be the longest 37 days of the year :)
      I loved the PNW but understand that even a long spell of grey wetness is as bad as frigid snownboundness ... yes, I made that word up :)
      Minette really is adorable ! thank you :)
      She is being a crazy kitten tonight which does make me smile ..
      Being brave, going on adventures, trying new things.. was all so easy when it was the 2 of us ... now I am afraid I am just a wimp and afraid of everything ..
      My BA friends write daily and for that I am sooo thankful.
      Thank you !

  3. Oh....Candice....I love Minette....♥️
    And yes.....she needs more than one bed....just like you need more than one bag!
    You seem a bit more chipper.....yes?
    We are in iffy here as well....
    Come have a peek....
    Linda :o)

  4. Thank you Linda ! She is adorable.. tonight has been one of those Kitten Runs Amok nights , with her now collapsed on the sofa staring a hole through me.
    Chipper ? Not really, it is nice to have a little living thing, as sweet as Minnette here to ease the loneliness though :)
    Florida .. iffy weather would be ok as long as it was over 20 degrees .. whine whine.

  5. Summer has to come! The NY Times is calling this winter "The Season of Misery"...what an appropriate name. I've been in New Jersey many years and have never seen anything like this winter.

  6. Misery is the right word ! It has been a long time since I wintered in the NorthEast and never alone so this is all new and unpleasant to me :)


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