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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stay Warm

Today was a day of waiting and dashing,searching and driving, shopping and talking, cooking and eating ... then  trying to think of what to do next so I don't just sit here and feel   alone and sad.

The exterminator was due today to check on the traps, to see if he accomplished the promise of giving me a mouse / pest free home.

I didn't sleep well last night and then as we all know how it goes, this morning I could have slept for hours .. snug and warm and sleepy.
But noooo, I had to be ready for the exterminator.
Who was late.
But he  declared the house Mouse Free ! yay.
No signs of pests, I can breathe easy again and not lie there in bed at night, wondering if every little noise was a mouse in the attic or walls or god forbid, my bedroom.

As soon as he left, I got ready and took off for Massachusetts, where my Bank is.
Smart, huh ? Move to New York and get a bank account in Massachusetts.
There were reasons ..
The drive is quite beautiful and kind of fun.. hills , dales, forests, beautiful homes and gardens and you can Go Fast.

I was going to walk around Great Barrington after the bank but unfortunately, my blood is still thin from Argentine temperatures. Living in the Frozen North is going to take a while to thicken my blood.
Or freeze it... whatever.

So I scurried to my favorite grocery and did all those daily chores, then zipped back to New York .
I know it is cold.
But then someone told me to stay inside and be careful.
What ?
It is going to be around Zero Degrees tonight. And 7 Below with the wind and all that ...

Would someone in Argentina please adopt me and let me come back and live with you ? bringing my children and grand- babies  with me ?
Gracias !!

So here I am ... loving the sound of the furnace going on .. worrying I will run out of oil or something , wondering if there could be a blackout because of all the power usage ( it happened in Buenos Aires!) and wondering what I would do  ... sit in the car with the heat on I guess .. wrapped in a blanket... they would find me the next day , frozen in my comforter in my car with Tango music playing.

I think I need another cookie.

Stay warm everybody ..


  1. You stay warm! I've been thinking about you even though I don't even know you. I live in NY as well and I don't think anyones blood thickens enough to get used to this weather. Take Care, Corinne

    1. Isn't it awful ! ? I have lived in NY over 40 years with a brief spell in other enchanted places but this is the coldest I ever remember. I do not love it. You take care too !

  2. Candice, I think of your often and am so, so sorry. I can't even imagine how much you miss you husband or how difficult life is for you right now.
    Stay warm.... xxojoan

    1. Thank you Joan !
      I can at least try to be warm, the other thing, sadly, I can do nothing about .. the sad and the missing are a new part of my daily life.
      You stay warm too ! C

  3. Cookies are lovely -- until spring and all the lovely things you packed away have inexplicably shrunk. :-)

    I am very glad you are mouse-free.

    Have you picked up a kitty yet?


    1. I am venturing out into the frozen wild and hope to discover a kitten just for me. My cookie companion, I will eat them, the kitten can watch. besos.


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