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Monday, January 20, 2014

If I were in Buenos Aires

If I were in Buenos Aires right now, this would be the view.
I would be walking everywhere in light summer clothes and enjoying the cool breezes in the shade of the massive trees in the parks.

I would take the walk that we took at least once a week ... from our house down an avenue, to a street where we would stop for fresh baked scones.
Then with our bag of scones, we would walk on to the park.
Where we would sit in the shade of one of these massive trees and share a scone.
Planning the day ahead.
Figuring out if we are eating in ( gotta shop for that ! ) or where we would eat out.
Or ... do we want to just be lazy and order Take Away ?

Pizza ... thin, crisp, not too much sauce or cheese.. perfecto.
I have yet to adjust to New York pizza..
Or Qiero Mas ... the pasta place .. they only deliver or have Take Away ..
Pasta Putenesca on rigatoni was my choice, every time.
They were also good because they delivered within the 20-30 minutes you ordered, so you got it very hot and fresh.

Needless to say, things are different where I live now.
The view out the window is one of snow.
A lot of snow.
Everywhere .... Snow.

I can't bear to walk out the door to check the mail. Forget about go out and to a store !

I sure would appreciate some Buenos Aires heat wafting up our way soon.

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