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Thursday, January 23, 2014

It Is So Cold Out .....

The birds are wearing overcoats.
 I am considering learning to knit, I will make them all tiny little scarves.
Maybe little mittens for their feet.
It is so cold out, I wonder if their feet stick to the metal bars on the feeder ... similar to stories my husband told me about being in Siberia, if you came in from the cold and drank warm tea, your teeth could break kind of stories.

The roads are clear and the sun is shining, I am going shopping.
I am going to buy large bags of bird seed. ( and yarn ? )

I will get ready-made food from the cafe in Chatham so I won't have to bother cooking for just one.
It is fun if it is for two, it can be creative and interesting but so far, for just one with little appetite, it is a waste of energy.

I will see how the roads are, probably fine, and drive farther away and visit a Pottery Barn or Pier One and find something things for the house .. for me.
Mostly I need something for my kitchen windows.
Due to childhood trauma ( another story-another time) I have this "thing" about uncovered windows at night.
They become mirrors.
You can't tell if Godzilla is on the other side of that glass.
Actually, Godzilla would not frighten me as much as something else ..but you get my point.
And one of the good points about this kitchen/house is the windows.
Panoramic giant windows at the end of the kitchen, the part where I cook, prepare, wash , everything.
So at night it is wide open to the peepers out there ... I know, bears are not interested in what I am wearing but still, it gives me the creeps.

I also want to find a Starbucks.
I want to sit somewhere with other people around and not feel like I am the only person on this frozen planet called Upstate .

Maybe in all my wanderings, I will discover a kitten place .. you never know what I might come home with.


  1. Scarlett, I share your horror of uncovered windows at night...I would not be able to be in your kitchen at night.

    Wishing you luck on your day's plan...and maybe a kitty.

    ~Liz (elberko)

    1. Liz, I got little cafe curtains that at night I can pull across the bottom half of the windows and no one can see in .. unless they are about 12 feet tall :)

  2. Thank you Liz ! I have hopes that if I don't find a kitten, at least I will find some blinds for the kitchen. One or the other would certainly be an improvement.
    Someday I will tell you the horrible thing that happened to me when I was a child - that made me neurotic about uncovered windows at night :)
    besitos ~

  3. Home Depot has some pleated cordless shades that are a good price and they cut them onsite for you.

    Stil waiting on news about the cat!

  4. Razmataz, I didn't want those shades in the kitchen .. I have them in every window in the house and the way the kitchen windows are set .. it just wouldn't work .. I went to Home Depot first ..and they are huge and expensive.
    I am pretty pleased with the little half curtains ..
    Tomorrow ( maybe) I am going to see the lady at Purridise ..
    lol ... can you picture it ? a little house full of cats .. I believe they are all rescues.. I have to read more about it but I saw the house today . .

  5. Candace - I am a self proclaimed knitter and yarn snob. I get such pleasure in knitting gifts for friends and family. I frequent a yarn shop near me and have met some wonderful women. There is a group of eight of us, different ages, religion, background, etc. that meet twice a week. We have so much fun. I never thought I would be one of those women who would be part of a group. I love it.

    1. Madison, I failed knitting :( I can embroider ! I used to be able to crotchet .. but knitting is beyond me . you may send me a scarf when you have an overabundance :)


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