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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Friday, January 24, 2014

See People

Someone , the wonderful (DumbWitTellHer) , wrote this amazing post ... go read it next...
It is titled Dear World.
Almost every single thing she wrote, rang a bell, felt like she was talking about my life, felt true in my life also.

But the part where she says See People ... that is what is wonderful.

How many times do you pass someone on the street, someone who might smile at you or hold a door , 10 minutes later, would you remember them ?
If you remember, would you be able to describe that person ?
When you checked out of the store today, did you speak to the girl/boy  at the register ?
Did you look at them ?
Can you remember what they looked like ?

I look at people.
For all sorts of reasons and for as long as I can remember .. I like to look at people.
I look at their clothes, their faces, how they move.
How they sound is important too ... but over all, I am just interested in Other People.

I have lived in quite a few different places with different sorts of people and not just in the language or way they dress ..
People in , say, North Carolina, sound different from people in England .. they dress differently from people in Hawaii, they like different music from the music in Buenos Aires .. yet, I have lived in these places, I  have been one of the people in all  these places.

So how can we look at anyone and think they are different from us ?
Aside from the obvious, we all want the same things and enjoy the same things and have the same dreams ..
So yes, See People. ... and think of this ... How do they see you ?

I must be feeling very philosophical today .. don't worry .. it will pass.
well, you can see non-people too .. 


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite activities is "people watching"...there is such diversity on this planet. Of course, now you are near NYC which is the best for this.

Mary said...

I love to watch and really see people. And i talk to everyone even now that i live in Portland Oregon which is a fairly large ( as you know,) city. I think this trait comes from growing up in a (very) small town in Maine. It was easy to notice people and really pay attention. Great post Candice! Now i'm off to read the post you mentioned. Hugs!

CarrieCat said...

I'm a people-watcher, too! And yes, we are all really the same. awwwww, the photo of the dogs is adorable, thank you for that too!!

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