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Alan Cohen
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Friday, January 3, 2014

In front of a Farm Truck

I am not quite buried alive.
But any more snow and we might have to send out for the search party, dogs, sleds etc.
The birds don't have to bother with steps anymore, the snow is up to the top so they can now look in my dining room doors while they eat the seeds I threw out to them.
So far, none have asked to come in.

Again, I give Thanks for the neighbor next door.
Before I even woke up, she cleared my driveway.
She calls to be sure I am okay and chats with me.
She has kept me from throwing myself in front of a farm truck a few times now.
Yes, can you picture it ?? me, wailing, running into the street in front of a mucky farm pick up truck, full of god knows what in the back ....  maybe I should re-think that .. if I am going to do something stupid, it might as well at least look good.

(kidding ! kidding !!!!)

If it doesn't snow anymore, I might have visitors this weekend.
This will keep me from throwing myself in front of the farm truck also.

I might have a frenzy of baking though ..
I will end up so fat by the end of the winter, I will have to waddle out to the street and the farm truck will be more damaged than I am.

I will now waddle into the kitchen and see if there are any more  croissants filled with chocolate ( a little something I threw together yesterday) and have the last drop of coffee.... then I will go check the mail.
I will wear a red hat so they can find me when I sink into the drifts.

Does UPS deliver in snow storms ?
I just remembered, another reason why I can put off throwing myself in front of a farm truck ..

PS.... it is 5 degrees F out there .. Five degrees ... why ? why ????


Gail, in northern California said...

You're wise to stay put. I foolishly thought I could drive into town December 9.

I just finished writing a thank you note to the man who came during that awful siege of snow and ice and hauled my car back to the driveway when I had to abandon it across the road.

My "Ken" and your neighbor lady appear to be our appointed guardian angels.

I don't know about you but I love getting mail.

I can laugh about Not so funny yesterday. Last few days I seem to be plagued with dental problems. Nothing my miracle worker dentist hasn't been able to handle but..... Sunday night I managed to break off a filling in one of my lower front teeth. Evaluation Monday, fixed Tuesday. Dr. Rued didn't seem too surprised, saying the filling was 18 years old. Then late yesterday afternoon I broke a crown on one of the front upper teeth. They took me in immediately and I was home an hour later with the same crown repaired so he didn't have to fashion a new one. Good lord, I'm beginning to think I'll have to live on Cream of Wheat. I was just enjoying some cheese and crackers for an afternoon snack when it happened. Afterwards, I laughed and told my dentist that he seems to spend his days putting me back together. ;-) He chuckled and said, "Don't feel bad. I broke a front tooth one time eating a potato chip!"

Gail, in northern California said...

Like your neighbor lady who checks on you regularly, I bookmarked your blog and find myself clicking on it periodically each day to see if you have posted something new. Not that that is a requirement! I'm just concerned about you and hope that you are coping.

I'm sitting here in our small computer/tv room with a little space heater humming away, door closed to retain the heat. Hard to complain though when my sister-in-law wrote this from Minnesota last night: "Hope your weekend is going ok. Its super super cold here -- even cold for us. Supposed to wake up tomorrow with nearly minus 30 temps -- that means any wind at all (which we often have) will put the wind chill around minus 50. :) The governor has already cancelled all MN schools for Monday!! That's the big news here." They've lived there for years so cope better than most but still, that's terribly cold and dangerous for those who MUST get out and about.

Time to do a load of laundry. I finally have a full load. With our mandatory water conservation, I have to be very careful not to use too much water. If we don't get some much-needed rain in January or February, I'm sure we'll be reduced to water rationing. Even the high Sierras have not had the snow we count on for water run-off in the spring.

Take good care of yourself. I know each day is only slightly less sad than the previous.

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