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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Days like this ....

So I am currently being buried alive in snow.
It started in the night, there was already a little bit of snow leftover from the last little storm but this morning, there is one lane open in our street, the plows go by constantly and the snow looks like it is winning that race !
It is very beautiful.
I look out the window  and all of the evergreens have snow on each branch, making them look like perfect Christmas trees .. all they need is lights !

My bird feeders in the back are very busy and I worry they will eat everything and then sit at the window, staring at me, willing me with their little bird brains to brave the snow storm and get out there and feed them more !
This could lead to nightmares, I just know it.

My son is at work, he takes the subway and barely has to walk ..
I am hoping he will be able to bring the family and come visit this weekend.
I don't care about how much or how long it snows now but it had better be good driving conditions on Saturday or someone is gonna hear from me.

Yeah, I know, empty threats.
But I have gone all week alone and bumping around in this empty house with only a radio or TV people to keep me company and that is about a week too long.

Days like this I long for Buenos Aires !
It is Summer.
It is hot and probably a bit humid and you don't have to have someone dig you out in order to go to the bakery or browse around the shops or while away a couple of hours at the Cinema.

I know we came back to the US, mostly because we missed our children and certain things that we only would have in the US ... but now - my husband is gone. .. my heart is broken and I feel that I need to go back to where I was so happy.
Where we were so happy.
Where it is not snowing.

I think I will bake cookies.
Something I never did in Buenos Aires.
It was useless when I liked the baked goods (scones and croissants and chocolate cakes) better from the bakery ( L'epi , I miss you , mon ami !! )

Adieu , time to make some tea and find some chocolate chips.

as of 3:48 EST I have been told that we are expecting a foot of snow overnight.
if you don't hear from me ....
send chocolate.


  1. Gail, in northern CaliforniaJanuary 2, 2014 at 2:06 PM

    Residing in sad, hollow houses that once held the loves of our lives is unbearable at times so I understand completely when you say, "...bumping around in this empty house... It's a double-edged sword: They are filled with memories and they are filled with memories.

    Be very, very good to yourself and if that means chocolate chip cookies, so be it.

  2. Bet it is hard dealing with so much snow dear - I recall winters in New England when the kids were little and we were stuck inside for days on end. Coming from southern England where huge amounts of snow happen so infrequently, I was going slowly crazy having to deal with all that!

    I hope so much the roads are cleared enough for your family to visit this weekend............and you can welcome them with open arms and homemade choc chip cookies!!!

    BA (wow they've been having a heatwave haven't they?) bakeries must be fabulous. I have to agree buying rather than baking is sometimes better - you're not faced with platefuls to 'finish up' when you can just buy enough for a day!

    Hang in there honey, you are in my thoughts today.
    Love, Mary

    P.S. Is your mail getting through?

  3. I´ve heard of the snow storms in your area and thought of you today. We´ve had a terrible heat wave, you wouldn´t have liked to be here the past couple of weeks, but today is one of those perfect days, with blue skies, warm sun, and cool winds.
    I hope the snow won´t keep your family from visiting over the weekend.
    Stay warm!
    Un beso,

  4. Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast are not a bad thing.
    Just remember that.

  5. You are so courageous to write through this. Sunday I will be a widow for three years, and this professional writer only put pen to paper in one essay about it all. Time time time. It will make a difference.

  6. Thank you Co .. thank you very much.


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