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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Real Estate

Real Estate
Funny how it used to mean nothing to me and now it has become so much a part of my life.
Not that it is my job ( my job is being here, annoying people) but it sort of evolved, in our lives.
We waited and saved and looked and searched and found a house.
It was the house of my dreams. We made it more special, we loved it and enjoyed it then we sold it.
Then we moved to another state and bought a house.
We made it special, we liked it but we were not in love with where it was, so we put it on the market and sold it.
We decided to move from the East Coast USA to the West Coast ..
We rented there while we looked for a new home.
We really just loved the apartment we rented, a loft style fabulous views brand new apartment.
While we were living there, enjoying the city, my husband decided that we should take a vacation, go somewhere different. I was sad that he did not say let's go back to Paris or London.
We went to Buenos Aires instead.
The Paris of South America, if it makes you feel any better.

And we fell in love .. with the city. With the people. With the life there.

We went home after a 10 day vacation and all we could talk about was What If ? What if we moved there ? What if we bought an apartment ?
It took us 4 months to decide, pack, ship and move to Buenos Aires.
We lived there for 6 years.
I kinda wish we had stayed there.

On days like this when a person is alone and snowed in and bored and refusing to bake another cookie, Buenos Aires looks even better !!

I was "talking" to a friend. He is a nice man, a kind man, a very polite man who would never say Please stop whining !!
He told me about this ... yep ... real estate... But in the USA.
I guess I should give it a try. Make myself believe that there is somewhere besides a ranch house in the country , that might appeal to me .. right here in the USA.
I will share it here .. We can look together .. see what happens.
Watch out, we might be neighbors some day !!

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  1. Gail, in northern CaliforniaJanuary 5, 2014 at 3:26 PM

    Whatever it takes to make you happy, or more comfortable, but please don't ever think you are "whining". Those who think or say that evidently have never taken the awful journey you find yourself enduring.

  2. I think real estate is a good diversion. Think about all the choices without having to make a choice, just something to consider. And then you can decide if it be a ranch house, or a loft apartment, or a condo on the beach.

  3. You have a great sense of humour which is beginning to shine through again - I am sure it will help carry you through the difficult times.

  4. Looking at real estate is fun! I love being a lookie-loo sometimes. lol. It's amazing what's out there for property and homes. Something to distract you through the winter.

  5. this would be a good time to look. It's the worse winter ever. Pick something cozy, not drafty. Good time to look at frost on bad window. Where's all the extra snow from shovelling go? How is the road looked after by municipality for clearing etc. Most important one for this many overhanging trees over powerlines. Is the basement drafty and cold and uninsulated. These are things one never thinks about in mid june to sept buying
    times. Its kinda interesting the house we are in right now doesn't have a sidewalk in front of it. But the ones across the street do. And I gotta say I kinda always feel a little superior as I drive in and out of neighborhood, cause I'm not out there shoveling every other day to clear the sidewalks for the non existant pedestrians that aren't walking around in -30 weather anyway.

  6. I'm with Rosemary - loving your sense of humor
    again Candice and hope things will look brighter once the winter months leave. House hunting will be a great time consumer and we'll go along with you virtually and enjoy sharing the time together.

    Hugs - Mary

  7. I think I got addicted to house hunting when we were living in Buenos Aires and I was virtually shopping for a house in the US.
    I am now an expert on what to look for and "real estate speak" on the websites.. Trulia is one I use the most. I like those birds eye views where you see the farm or factory or woods next door.
    Or as in one case, a private airport .. right next door :)

  8. Wishing you success as you seek a new home and life.
    2014 is a good year



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