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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The World I Am In Today

You know .... my Worlds are starting to collide.

The World I was in just months ago ..
Where I slept late, had copious amounts of coffee, dallied over what to wear, went downstairs in a 1920's cage elevator to the street .
Where we would wander, run errands ... medialunas and gilbasiers at L'epi Bakery, stopping at Carrefours, picking up some salmon at the fish market , then bringing it all home.
We always liked to visit our local flower stand for some fresh flowers ..

Out again to visit our favorite cafe for afternoon coffee and a sweet and to chat about what to do for the evening.
Concert ? movie ? stay home ?

When the weather was good, and it was mostly very good ... we were out as long as it was light then sometimes we would walk through the Fashion Center (2 blocks from our door) and sit in the park where all the hotel visitors would be wandering and taking photos and enjoying the city and at that spot, the beautiful Church of Pilar.

On weekends there were always musicians, on weekend days there were always Tango dancers.

When Pup was with us, he would enjoy the musicians and didn't really love the occasional fireworks.
But he was almost always with us ..  he was almost a tourist attraction himself !

His absence is still felt ..

Today we took the car to Albany to see a man who was supposed to fix something for us but he called to let us know it is unfixable.
Not unlike Buenos Aires.

It was not a bad ride, there are homes in Albany that make me consider moving farther North ... or should I stay here, or should I go back South .. it is fun to think one has the choice.

Home again to tackle a project I came up with , thanks to a comment from the neighbor .. but it is too hot and it involves moving large stones that weight about as much as I do so a helper, a wheelbarrow and tools are needed.
The helper complained about tiredness and heat so we left it for another day.
The tiny bit I did , I like.
I am making a stone wall. I will impress everyone.

Now ... about dinner .....


  1. Love stone walls! They are so beautiful! Choices are wonderful. But sometimes i have so many i'm indecisive. But having too many is better than having none, which is the way it is in parts of the world. Oops.. don't want to go there. I love your pics of Pup. What a lovely and adorable dog he was. And nice shades! Very cool. :)

  2. Yes, it is always good to be able to have choices and I dither too... often :)
    Tate was the best of dogs , we were so lucky to have him .


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