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Thursday, August 22, 2013

What Has Come Over Me ?

Summer might be starting to wind down..up here in the Hudson Valley.
The nights are definitely cooler, the trees look a bit dry and I spied a few trees with red and yellow leaves showing up.
The birds are busy, but then, they always are, aren't they ?
The bees are busy and we won't talk about that anymore. 
They have to move. They have to be made to move. They must move or die. Sorry.
Every time we go for a drive, I see homes I love, homes I wish we had bought or I could at least have seen the inside of ... not that they were ever for sale, I just want to see inside other peoples houses ! 
Ha ha.. not really. well. sort of.

Some houses in town are like something from a fairy tale with turrets and balconies and gardens brimful of wildly colored flowers .. walks that are bordered with blooms, bird houses and feeders in the trees. 
I see hummingbirds here more often than anywhere I have lived. . yes, even Buenos Aires. . like in my own garden !
I now read Gardening books and articles more than I do Fashion magazines.
This is a sign of something seriously wrong.
Well, not actually wrong but awry .. what has come over me ?
I miss Argentina.
I love my new home.
I need a drink.
But a few cookies will suffice.

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  1. Those are sure lovely houses. :) We have many hummingbirds this time of year here in Oregon too. Such gorgeous jewels. You must have conflicting feelings a little. You miss home.. (Argentina), but you're home now. And two such different locations and cultures...


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