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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday ... Waking up in the Country

First of all, it is Silent.
Even the birds sleep in and there are no cars driving by and the neighbors are quiet and I can't even hear the sheep or a cow from the farm up on the hill !
It is overcast today so there is no hot sun, just a quiet cool day with a hint of green to the air, it is so green all around.
The trees, hedges, grass, fields .. everything around us is green.

Now and then a small bird flies in and checks out the bird feeders and then there is a bright spot of color .. Cardinals and Bluebirds.

I like to loll around in bed most days. I don't but I like to if I can.
Today I really could have done some serious lolling but managed to get up and get ready to go out and enjoy the day.
Which turned out to be really nice in its laziness, quietness and coolness.
(I think I have had my fill of hot summer days)

We wandered into town .. all 3 blocks of it .. and some shops were open.
Uh oh ! watch out ! the antique stores are open !
I came home with a beautiful green , 1930s vase .. deco-ish in style, much like the "McCoy" vase that the shippers broke... weeping ... and now it has pride of place in the middle of the dining room table to I can see it as I walk past ..

The new glass doors will be installed in the dining room in a few weeks and I think that is the end of the work to be done here.

Anything else will be fun stuff, you know, buying chairs or rugs or a nice sweater to wear in the house.
What ? of course that is part of the buying needed for new houses ! you have to have something new to wear, silly.

My hope is the bees will settle down and not get all buzzed up when we go out the back door... they don't know it but I have plans for them. Deadly plans.

The pool is re-appearing.
The vines, flowers and shrubs have hidden everything from sight and now suddenly, I can see the chairs around the pool and the cover. It is bright blue so it always looks like water.
Anyone want a large in-ground pool ? If you do, you can have it for free. Yes, really.

I like Sunday in the country ..

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