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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Make a Difference.

                                                        Rescue Me 

I am thrilled to be living not so far away, from an amazing place that I want to tell you about.
Equine Advocates.
They rescue and take care of horses, mules, donkeys and keep them safe and well , to live out their days in  the most beautiful of settings . The place must be Heaven to the horses, donkeys and mules who find themselves lucky enough to be living there ..
These are the people who have a benefit for the sole purpose of getting funds to take care of horses and creatures who have been abused most of their lives .
They rescue animals across the country.
I drive by there almost every day, I plan to volunteer there when our moving house business is all finished and I can concentrate on something other than dishwashers that make your dishes dirty and basements that bring to mind old horror movies.
If you live anywhere in this area and don't know about this place, read about it, go visit, enjoy.
If you are too far away, enjoy the videos and photos .. and know that somewhere, where you live, there is probably something similar, a way to prevent the horrors that occur daily in an animals life .
And New Yorkers, especially those in Manhattan, you are in a perfect place to make a difference with votes and complaints and making a difference.
People who kill animals for money, don't like to be exposed.
That is a good first step in dealing with things like this.
Remember the carriage accident that made the news in NY ? Ever hear of Premarin ? These are just a couple of the issues that we often don't know about or even hear about but when you do know about them, you are horrified and disgusted and sad.
Let's make a difference, wherever we can .. we can't save the world, probably, but we might be able to make a difference in it.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting this equine rescue organization. I'll look into and send a small check. Whenever I read or hear about equine rescue my heart bleeds and I send a check. These animals are so wonderful and trusting, and so often abused. I'll be eager to hear about your volunteer work when you begin.

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